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We’re not sure how things go at your company, but here at Montway, we like to have a lot of fun. We work hard day in and day out, but no one said you couldn’t have fun while you worked, did they? If they did, we never heard it. To spice up the office a bit we thought it would be a good idea to split our departments up into teams. We’re a company comprised of Sales, Dispatch, Marketing and Accounting, and each team has its own story behind its name.

Take a little peek into Montway and see where our teams got their names!

Marketing Spartans

Chances are everyone knows the Spartans. Hasn’t everyone seen the movie “300” by now? “THIS IS SPARTA!” So we know they are fierce warriors, but do you also know that to be a spartan is to be frugal and rigorously disciplined? The Marketing team here at Montway is not only disciplined and knows how to manage their time, but when it comes to Marketing they are as fierce as it comes.

Montway’s Angels – Team Lead: Elena

The leader of this sales team is Elena, and often times she reminds us a lot of Lucy Liu from Charlie’s Angels. She’s short and feisty, and we’d like to bet she can take anyone in the office. Plus, the team consists of three girls, so we like to call them Montway’s Angels.

Red Devils – Team Lead: Sam

The team lead Sam is a huge soccer fan. In fact, his favorite Bulgarian soccer team’s name is Cska and their uniforms are red. As a huge soccer fan, the team color often reminds him of one of the most popular teams, Manchester United, which happens to be the Devils. So because of his passion for soccer and his favorite soccer teams, we call his team the Red Devils.

Canaries – Team Lead: Tony

There is a lot of love for soccer floating around our offices. The native city of the team lead, Tony, is a Bulgarian city called Plovdiv. The soccer team for his hometown is Botev and their uniforms are yellow. Plus, they are the Canaries, so we like to think of Tony’s team as the Canaries.

The Ca$h Riders

Our Accounting team thought pretty hard about this team name. As members of the Accounting Department, they have to do a lot of collecting- and by collecting we mean money. The Cash Riders have to make collection calls not only to customers but to truckers and dealers as well. You can bet on any given day they are bringing in the cash, thus lending their name to the Cash Riders.

Montway’s Sailors – Crew Captain: Diana

They sail on the u Ship, fighting their way through rough seas filled with transport pirates and opponents trying to take over the “Ship.” Day in and day out they monitor the changing tides of nationwide car shipping rates so they can offer the best and lowest rates to our customers on u Ship. At times it can be difficult, but the captain and her skilled and faithful crew are taking no second chances! They know they are the best and they’ll do what it takes to stay on top.

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