World Cup Fever Is Here

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It is a spectacle that happens once every four years.  It draws the best athletes from all over the globe to compete for the right to be called world champion.  It’s the most widely viewed sporting event in the world, estimated to be watched by a global cumulative audience of 715 million people … and it’s not the Olympic Games.

The World Cup is here and the world (yes, including the US) has caught “World Cup Fever”.  Don’t believe me, the numbers don’t lie:

  • The game last Sunday night between the US and Portugal drew 18.2 million people according to ESPN.  That is more then the total audience for all but one of the World Series games on Fox last year.  That is more than any of the NBA Finals games on ABC this year, according to Nielsen.
  • It also set a record for viewership on ESPN’s online app, WatchESPN, with an average of 490,000 watching during any given minute.

The World Cup Fever

Yup, the US has caught “World Cup Fever” alright, in fact so have US Businesses.  Case in point, the call we received from our friends over at Audi USA.

Audi USA has joined in on the 2014 FIFA World Cup festivities by building a giant LED soccer scoreboard that is illuminated by the headlights of 28 Audi A8 sedans in Brooklyn, N.Y.  In order to accomplish this feat of pure awesomeness, Audi USA needed the assistance of a trusted car transport company to get the job done quickly and safely, naturally they turned to us at Montway.

We were thrilled to have been selected to assist in transporting some of the A8 sedans used to build the scoreboard over to the N.Y. location.  Once we received the call for assistance, we were able to quickly dispatch several transport trucks to load the vehicles and get them over to Audi USA so they could start construction of their scoreboard. The result was spectacular.

Outside of the Audi USA project, the World Cup has been a great experience so far for us here at Montway.  Many of us grew up as soccer fans and in fact, still actively play soccer today.  Not only do we get to watch and discuss the games with our co-workers, but we get the chance to interact with our customers who contact us to get quotes or place orders to ship their vehicles and then end up discussing how great the US is playing, or what a bad call the ref. made, etc.  It has been a fun way for our friendly staff to get to know our valued customers a bit better and share in the fever that is the world cup.

Best part about all of this … we just watched the US team qualify for the round of 16.  GO USA!

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