The World’s Largest Truck Stop [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you’ve ever traveled from one side of the country to the other, then chances are you have stopped or passed by the world’s largest truck stop ever: the Iowa 80 stop in Walcott, Iowa. You may or may not have known it was the largest truck stop ever, but you probably did notice how large it is!

Considering its size and popularity -and our connection to truckers!- we figured it would be a good idea to share this infographic we found with tons of interesting facts on the infamous truck stop. Did you know that in just one month the stop goes through 775 rolls of toilet paper a month? That’s 56 miles of toilet paper for just one truck stop! You figure when you’re serving over 5,000 customers a day though, you’re going to rack up a pretty high TP bill.

What else do truckers love besides gas and bathrooms? Coffee. This one stop goes through about 2 million cups of coffee in one year. And that’s just one stop. Can you imagine how much coffee is served when you add all of the other truck stops? Probably enough coffee to stay awake for years.

These facts are interesting, but the one that really got us was the fact that, on average, truck drivers travel up to 150,000 miles a year. The infographic states that is enough mileage to travel around the Earth six times. Cruise on truckers, cruise on!

Check out the infographic below for more facts on the world’s largest truck stop.

Know Your Truck Stop

Infographic courtesy of Find a Trucking Job via

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