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Making history by delivering history... Every day!

Montway Auto Transport has grown from a one-man company, to a number one nationwide car shipping company in just seven years.

Montway Through the Years...


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Montway Auto Transport, though a relatively new company, is rich with history and numerous achievements. The company was established in 2006 as a brokerage division and later expanded with a carrier division. The owner Mike Mihailov, and his life partner Galya S., started the company in 2006, from their modest home office. In the beginning he worked solely as a broker with some dealerships and auctions. At this time, the majority of Montway Auto Transport was shipping to locations on the East and West coast of the U.S., including Florida. Montway's big break came with Luxury Motors in Chicago. It was with this company that Mike carved his niche in inbound/outbound shipping to customers. Later in 2006, the company acquired its first two trucks. This marked the beginning of the Montway Auto Carriers division. In 2006, Montway scored two trucks and one big account – a small amount of growth with the possibility of big potential.


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In 2007, Montway Auto Transport continued to grow. The company added four more trucks and Mike hired his first employee to help with his growing customer base. Montway started handling two hot shots - overnight deliveries from Chicago, IL to New Jersey and to Philadelphia, PA. Although Mike had the help of his partner Galya S. on the financial side of the business, he needed more help. Mario G. was Montway’s first on site employee. Mario was an energetic newcomer with experience in dispatching general and refrigerated freight. He helped Mike sustain the responsibilities of a growing business.

This same year, Montway launched its first website autosmoving.com which featured the car shipping quotes calculator and a processing system for online ordering. The quote calculator allows customers instant access to a quote without the worries of providing personal information to an electronic device. Montway customers only need to select where the car is coming from and going to, enter the make and model of the vehicle and the calculator will display their quote. For Montway, security and hassle free service is the name of the game.

2007 was a pivotal year for Montway Auto Transport. It was in this year that the company really began on its journey in the right direction. With establishing an online presence with a fast and easy quote calculator for its customers, and bringing in smart responsible team members – Montway was well on its way to success.


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From the foundation set in the previous year, Montway couldn't help but to thrive in 2008. As the customer base rapidly increased, so did the fleet of trucks. Eleven trucks were prepared for hauling customer’s cars safely around the nation. Eleven trucks were revved and ready to haul customer's cars during a global auto transport boom. It was Montway who delivered cars safely; port-to-port across the nation. It was Montway's service during this time that established the company as a reliable nationwide shipping company.

During this time, Montway noticed the increase in deliveries to California and New York for private customers. The business grew even more - calling for the need to hire more employees. In 2008, Montway hired Peter D., another dynamic expert.


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This year the nation experienced the rough transition from a vibrant economy, to one riddled with financial woes. Many transportation companies in the U.S. suffered the storm alongside other industries. Contrary to the big picture, Montway was pushing forward by offering superior car shipping service to the many who started relocating out of California, Arizona and the rest of the states that were hit hard by the recession. In 2009 we outshined many of the long established auto transport companies as Montway was going full steam to provide quality car shipping services to thousands of people across the country. Our positive customer ratings reflected our hard work and Montway became the dominating brand name in the auto transport industry.

2010 - An Exciting year for Montway Auto Transport!

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Over the years, Montway has gained a reputation of steady growth over the years. 2010 was no exception. Not only did we continue the trend, but we became the brand that customers look for. In 2010, Montway Auto Carriers added two enclosed trucks to our fleet. The trucks were meant to meet specific requirements for sports cars, luxury vehicles and exotic or classic cars shipping. Along with the expansion of the fleet, Montway relocated to a larger space to accommodate the growing Montway family. The first office manager was hired this year. Dimitre K., who is a customer service and sales expert, took the role on with a vengeance. Before working with Montway, Dimitre worked with Wal-Mart and Kroger national retail chains.

This same year, we hired two more sales agents and an accountant. The website was once again redesigned with customers in mind - updates to the ordering and tracking system were major goals. It was this year that Montway became the #1 auto transport service provider on uShip, the world's largest transportation marketplace. A brilliant collaboration formed from this, our vehicle shipping rate calculator was used to supply rates for the uShip car shipping section. That year, we shipped over 5,000 cars across the country!


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In 2011, we experienced rapid growth - shipping nearly 10,000 vehicles. We hired four more people and moved into a new office close to O'Hare International Airport. Once again, thinking of the convenience of the customers. This location was chosen for easy access to a flight out of town after dropping off your vehicle for shipping.

In 2011, Montway became one of the most popular auto transport companies on the internet. Popularity on the web made us a target for internet frauds - we decided to move our domain from Autosmoving.com to Montway.com. We also sought to trademark the name, and in April 2012, we received approval by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Montway Auto Transport.

It was in this same year that uShip upgraded from its previous version of auto trnsport rates, to a more advanced rates platform. The new platform did not require customer personal information. Montway applauded their decision to model the example set by Montway in 2007 to keep customer's personal information safe from the dangers of the World Wide Web. Montway went through a similar virtual makeover with the integration of auto transport rates with Transportreviews.com - the largest transport industry review source.


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Montway is always looking for new ways to make the car shipping services easy and efficient for consumers. We have partnered with several software developers to bring more technologically advanced features to our website - all to benefit our client base. The office and fleet expansion continued in 2012 as we purchased more auto carrier trucks and hired car transportation coordinators and an in-house marketing person.

Furthermore, on June 1st, 2012 Montway Auto Transport became a trademark which was an important benchmark that will only benefit customers helping them recognize the real company from any scammer using our name. During the year, ever since the company took a leading position in the industry, there were cases where phony companies used Montway’s name to mislead customers and capitalize on it. We have filed a lawsuit against a company using our name in their domain and won the dispute which has hopefully put an end to the cyber war Montway has been leading. Besides improving the internal systems and guarding our brand name, in 2012 Montway forged great partnerships. We partnered with Classiccar.com; Auto Trader Classics; ClassicCars.com and Hemmings.com. By consistently providing reliable auto transport services we made our name known for it and leading companies teamed up with us to provide better service to their clients. Now, we are headed full steam in 2013 looking forward to adding more exciting news about growth and expansion.