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Montway military car shipping services and discounts

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Military Auto Transport

You just received your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order. Whether it is permanent or temporary, moving defines military life. Along with moving your household, you will often need to relocate your vehicle. Choosing an auto transport company is often the easiest and most efficient method to ship a car from your current location to your new home.

I've received my PCS, now what? Here are a few tips on what to do first.

  • Set up a meeting with your base transportation office to find out about your moving options and whether or not you are entitled to any relocation benefits
  • Contact the family center at your new location
  • Work out a moving checklist with your moving company, as you will most likely be moving more than just your privately owned vehicle

How can Montway help?

Montway provides vehicle delivery services to and from any point in the continental US. We know how exhausting it can be when you have to relocate across the country. Even for folks who are used to traveling – moving can become an overwhelming experience.

Montway offers reliability

Whether you are going across the country or to a military base in the neighboring state, we will transport your vehicle safely and securely. We are a five star rated company. So, if you need vehicle delivery of exotic cars, or your custom or classic baby, we are here to help. You can read more about what people have to say about us on our customer reviews page – or even at some of the largest transportation review sources online.

We cover all major routes in the US

Military personnel go where they are needed and Montway is there to ship their cars where they need them. We ship vehicles throughout the United States - including to and from all water and air ports. Montway is both carrier and a broker, which means we have our own fleet of trucks that go on certain routes. A bonus is that, as a broker, we have a huge network of reliable car carriers across the country. Both licenses allow us to serve all major routes in the US and pick up / deliver cars anywhere in the country.

Montway car shipping services

Montway Auto Transport ships all types of vehicles. We provide vehicle delivery by open trailer and enclosed vehicle delivery for your classic or sports car. The open car shipping service is the most common method of vehicle transportation which is usually cheaper than the more specialized enclosed method. We can work with you to arrange express vehicle delivery if you need your car shipped as quickly as possible or need to have it on a certain date. For any of these methods we can arrange a vehicle delivery to your home as well.

As a military member you deserve special attention especially when it comes to relocation.

Even though you are used to moving, it should be made as easy as possible. Montway makes it easy every step of the way - from getting a car transport rates to delivering your car to your new home or base.

For more information, please visit our car shipping questions section
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An agent will work with you from start to finish ensuring that your car is shipped with care and all of your questions are answered. Montway gives you peace of mind when you most need it. Our reputation speaks for itself - please refer to our car shipping reviews section to read what our customers say about us across major review sources.

On our auto transport tips section, you can find helpful information about moving your vehicle across the country, as well as, interesting news and stories.