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The Team Here at Montway Auto Transport

Even a professional Formula 1 ® racers will tell you that it's not the car, it's not the machine that wins the race - it's the driver. And nothing is more important to a company like ours than the people behind it. Montway was founded by one man, but it's able to offer you award winning car moving and vehicle shipping services today, because of staff of truckers, car relocation specialists and customer service reps dedicated to making it all happen!

Making Sure Your Car Reaches its Destination:

Mike Mihailov
President & CEO of Montway Auto Transport

Mike started in 2006 as a broker and later expanded Montway with a carrier division. He started the company with the support of his partner in life, Galya S., from their home office. In the beginning, he worked with a few dealerships and auctions. Later that same year, Montway acquired its first two trucks. That was just the start – Montway has been growing ever since.

Dimitre K.
Office Manager

Dimitre has been with the company since 2010. He is Mike's right hand man – helping him in everyday tasks which include dispatch and customers relations. His input is priceless and Montway would not be where it is today without his devotion and endless effort to make the office run smoothly.

Nuni K.
Car Transport Coordinator / Dispatcher

Nuni is the senior coordinator and a dispatcher. He has been with Montway for nearly three years. He knows every aspect about the process of moving a vehicle, scheduling the delivery and finding a carrier on the National Central Dispatch Board.

Evgheni R.
Car Transport Coordinator / Dispatcher

Evgheni is a young and eager dispatcher. He tackles a huge volume of work, dealing with truckers from across the country.

Ivo P.

Ivo has also been with the company for nearly a year. He is doing a great job dispatching Montway’s own fleet of trucks. Once a truck driver himself, Ivo understands the driver’s situations very well and works hard to secure loads in every direction.

Lora D.
Car Transport Coordinator

Lora is one of the first female car transport coordinators at Montway. She started nearly a year ago and has been doing a great job answering customer's questions and scheduling car shipping services.

Elena K.
Car Transport Coordinator

Elena is one of the newer employees who started at the beginning of 2012. She came from a similar industry and has learned the auto transport business very quickly. She is currently very happy to be working with us here at Montway Auto Transport.

Kalin K.
Car Transport Coordinator

Kalin K. is our hero and a recent addition here at Montway. Beside learning the business and working hard, he has performed some amazing selfless acts in his personal life. In June 2012, Kalin donated one of his kidneys to a little boy he didn’t know. For more details about this selfless feat, refer to our article Pay it Forward.

Kate P.
Car Transport Coordinator

Kate is one of three new members to the Montway family. She’s only been with Montway for three months, but she’s doing a spectacular job.

George A.

We all call him Goki and he is the newest team member of all. George has learned a lot and is doing very good job in the brokerage division as a dispatcher.

Eleonora N.

Everyone was very happy the growth of the company brought a feminine presence in the office. She is an invaluable member of the team and her work is one of the most important elements that sustain the daily work flow.

Dispatchers, Drivers and Car Transportation Specialist Working Together to Meet Your Needs.

We wouldn't be one of the leading vehicle movers in the U.S. if we didn't have an amazing staff working together to meet your auto shipping & transport needs. But we really couldn't offer fast, safe and secure vehicle delivery services without our truckers. Hauling cars from state to state every day, working with dispatchers and customers, carefully loading and unloading every auto. They’re our heroes.

And Montway couldn't offer you instant car shipping rates or fast and efficient online auto transport booking, 24-7, without the incredible team of web designers and developers working to constantly update and maintain the administrative system that powers this website.