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If you like us on Facebook, then you should know that recently we ran a contest called “Snap a Picture, Snatch a Discount”. Through this contest, our customers were able to earn a $50 discount on their car shipment by sending a photo of their vehicle being loaded or taken off a transport truck. People ship cars for so many different reasons, and it’s always great to hear directly from our customers about their experience. Sometimes, our customers are so satisfied and happy with their transport they share their whole story with us!

Zihan Zhang Story

That’s exactly what Zihan Zhang did after the shipment of his 2005 Nissan Altima this past May. To get a taste of why some of our customers ship a car, take a minute and read his story.

“I am really excited to get my car delivered! I used to be an international student in Phoenix, Ariz. In order to get to my job, and for family purposes, I purchased a 2005 Nissan Altima in May of 2012. In the past year, the Nissan became a part of our family.

After an intense job search I finally got an offer from a dream company in Boston, Mass. We were excited, but then we had to think about relocating and all it entailed. First I thought about just selling my car and buying a new one. But as soon as I thought about it I rejected the idea since it would be hard to find a good deal. Plus, I had already become a bit attached to this Nissan that I had taken through parts of my life.

Once that idea was nixed, I thought about driving it myself to Boston. It seemed like a good idea in theory, but I thought to myself, “Oh my God, that is 3,000 miles!”

The mileage depreciation, gas and the cost to stay in hotels would be $1,500 at the very least. Plus, I don’t like to travel alone. To top all of this off, the tragic story of one of my friends made me reject the idea altogether. (My friend was offered a job in New York. He decided to drive from Phoenix on his own. After several hours of long distance driving and lack of appropriate rest, he got into a tragic accident while driving through New Mexico and passed away. After hearing this, I was very against driving on my own.)

Thankfully, one of my other friends had also recently moved and he told me I could use a company to ship my car. After a search I eventually found Montway’s site. I easily got a quote and thought it was an acceptable price. I also knew that I had to check some website reviews so that I could avoid the scam companies. I did this for Montway and saw they had plenty of five-star reviews.

One of the things I liked most on their site was the online chatting function. I think I chatted with all of their representatives throughout the whole process- even in the late-night hours! They were all nice and actually quite powerful as they were able to solve problems and answer my questions without having to contact their supervisor.

Once I placed my order I realized I wanted my car picked up right before my flight and delivered on the weekend so I would not have to take off work. I changed my order to expedited shipping to ensure these dates. I also decided that I wanted to ship my crib mattress and frame with my car since it would be easier than paying to have another service like UPS ship it. When I discovered I could ship my personal items as well, that was just a bonus.

On my designated pick up date, the trucker called me so we could meet somewhere near my apartment. When I saw the gigantic transport truck I wondered how in the world he was going to get my car on it. He joked and said that he was going to drive my car along the track in top speed, then fly off of it like in the movies! Of course, that’s not how he did it, and instead slowly drove my car onto the truck and fastened it down carefully.

Even though the trucker said that I could go home now that my car was loaded, I decided to sit on the grass nearby and take a moment to think about all the times I shared with my family in that vehicle.

Ten days later, standing in a completely different location, I saw the transport truck again with my trusty Nissan. It was a long trip for the driver , but when I was watching him unload my vehicle I noticed that everything was 100 percent fine. The only thing I noticed was all of the dust on the top of my car. But that was fine for me since Boston’s weather forecast told me that I would get a free car wash the next day in rain.

I would never have received such a deal in Phoenix!”

Watch Zhang’s Nissan get picked up and dropped off on the auto transport truck!

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