How auto transport works

The car shipping process explained by Montway

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What is auto transport - car shipping explained

Auto transport defined

Auto transport is a service for shipping cars countrywide or overseas using a transport company. Shipping companies find vehicle haulers to transport vehicles and ensure the move goes smoothly.

Getting a car across the country can be a tedious process if you do it by yourself, and connecting with the right trucker to perform the task might be easier said than done. The truckers also need help finding potential shipments. As a result, how auto transport works today is with facilitators like Montway that ensure each unique customer is paired with a qualified truck driver that suits their needs.

People moving from one home to another, college students traveling between campus and home, military members, car collectors, and car buyers are all individuals who might need vehicle transport services. They have specific needs and requests but all love their cars equally.

The business is constantly growing, and choosing the most trustworthy company gets harder every day. With over 10 years of experience and knowledgeable agents, Montway Auto Transport has earned the trust of not only the individual shippers but also of some of the largest U.S. dealerships,manufacturers, and home moving companies. With strict attention to detail, we transport each of their cars with care.

Our four easy shipping steps


Get a quote & order

After receiving your quote, easily place an order online, through our online chat or by calling us at (888) 666-8929. We’ll then search for a carrier within our network of 15k car carriers.

How car shipping works - get a quote

Prepare for pickup

Make sure your street is suitable for a large truck. If you live on a narrow road, be prepared to meet the trucker at a nearby open area. We will instruct you on what to expect from the assigned hauler when he arrives at the designated spot.

How auto transport works - release the car to the trucker

Relax and stay informed

You’ll receive regular updates via phone and email. It’s important for you to keep in touch with the carrier company as well as the designated trucker.

How auto transport works - relax and stay informed

Receive your vehicle

We will deliver your car right to your doorstep, if the trucker can unload it in front of your home. Any remaining balance due must be paid upon receipt of your vehicle.

How car shipping works - receive your vehicle

How much does it cost?

Distance (mileage and range)

The longer the distance, the higher the overall cost, but the lower the rate per mile. Car shipping costs go up due to cost of fuel or if there are tolls or other charges the driver has to pay.

Population (metro or rural)

Big cities are easier stops for truckers because more of their routes go through them. Reaching a rural town generally involves straying from the usual course and a higher overall cost.

Vehicle Condition (operable/inoperable)

A vehicle that’s inoperable but has the capability to roll, brake, and steer will be more expensive to ship than the operable vehicle, because inoperable cars need to be loaded with a winch.

Make & model (weight, height, modifications)

USDOT requires truckers to account for the space available on their truck and the total weight they haul. Longer or taller vehicles take more than the typical space and are shipped at a higher price.

Transport type (open or enclosed)

Open transport is the preferred (inexpensive) type of car shipping. Enclosed transport is at minimum 35% higher than the average open transport price. We recommend it for vehicles worth more than $50,000.

Seasonality (warm/cold seasons)

The market supply and demand of car shipments fluctuates along many routes based on the time of year and the location.