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Mahesh Balasubramanian 5.0 Montway really removed all the hassle of shipping the car from MN to TX during a pandemic.
Brian 5.0 Effort free reservation process, smooth from start to finish and price was right. The transport company they selected was excellent with a top notch, new enclosed carrier.
Pepe S. 5.0 Montway and their staff were great!! Their constant and professional contact on the progress of the transport was fantastic. I strongly recommend them and I'm planning on using them again.
Jeanne Siragusa 5.0 I researched over 20 companies and Montway came up #1 in all my findings. They were professional and there were NO hidden fees. I would recommend Montway to anyone needing to ship a car.
Mark Michicich 5.0 Highly recommend Montway Auto Transport. Hired them to ship my car from IL to CA during the pandemic. Super smooth process. They had my car across the country in 4 days.
Douglas Fischer 5.0 My first experience with Montway Auto Transport was excellent. Having shipped over 20 cars in the last 10 years, I recommend Montway as the best I have ever used.
Shauna K. 5.0 I appreciated how the driver wore a mask and respected social distancing amidst the circumstances of doing business during COVID-19.
Paul Tarallo 5.0 My car was delivered in perfect condition, ahead of schedule right to my location. If I were to ship another car, Montway would be my first choice without hesitation.
Melissa Chung 5.0 The driver was the nicest guy I've ever worked with. Great company and a great peace of mind for my shipment. Thanks so much!
Christopher Hemmer 5.0 These guys are the best - great driver and lighting fast service. They helped a military family when others wouldn't. Montway saved the day. Highly recommended to all military families!
Carol Huser 5.0 I had an outstanding experience. Everyone I dealt with was professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and the driver was excellent. I've rarely been so impressed with a company!
Jackie McClain 5.0 Montway went above and beyond. I needed to get a car to my granddaughter in time to start college. I could not have asked for better service.
Lorainne McQueeney 5.0 I wish they moved more than just cars - 100% perfect! If moving companies operated like Montway Auto Transport, there wouldn't be so many "Movers From HELL" stories out there!
Patricia Murphy 5.0 Only charged me what they quoted up front! On time, courteous and professional! I will definitely use them again.
Pamela Khaund 5.0 As a first time car shipper, I was skeptical of the car shipping process. But it was like a breeze with Montway. Every communication with Montway was prompt and quick.
Cecilia Cuevas 5.0 Excellent customer service. Literally picked up my car and dropped it off right outside of both my places. I highly recommend them. Thank you for making this move stress free.
Pamela W. 5.0 Montway Auto Transport gets 5 stars from me. They cut me a great deal and were able to have the car delivered to my door by the nicest people on my birthday! It was such an easy process.
Jeanie Schiffer 5.0 This is the third year we have moved our car to and from Florida for the winter season with Montway. Their communication is amazing! We will definitely use Montway again when the need arises.
David S. 5.0 They had the best price of six quotes and excellent customer service. The transporter was fast, friendly and flexible with drop-off locations.
Anne M. 5.0 Montway was fantastic for shipping my car! Montway delivered my car (from Indiana to the West Coast) in just 3 days. I would 100% recommend this company to anyone--they know what they are doing.
Mark Cosner 5.0 Montway Auto Transport gets it right! The vehicle arrived on the earliest day promised and in perfect condition. Montway gets an A from me and is highly recommended. I will definitely use them next time!

What is car transport?

Car transport, or vehicle transport, is the service of moving cars from one destination to another. You can ship via open transport (more cost-effective) or enclosed transport (for added protection). Typically, enclosed auto transport will cost about 30-40% more than open transport.

Car transport

How much does car shipping cost?

Car shipping costs around $1.96/mile for short distances (1-500 miles) or $588 for a 300-mile trip. Medium distances will run you about $.93/mile (500-1500 miles) or $930 for 1000 miles. Long distances (1500+ miles) are about $.58/mile or $870 for a 1500-mile trip.

Car shipping cost

How do I get a car transport quote?

Car transport quotes can be found in a few different ways. You can get the cost to transport a car online via the transport company's website or by simply calling them. Make sure to let them know in advance if you need an expedited pickup for your vehicle.

In order to get the most accurate and up-to-date car shipping quote, it’s important to know and have the following information available:

  1. Vehicle pick up and delivery destination (zip codes are preferred for increased quoting accuracy)
  2. Car transport preference (open or enclosed trailer)
  3. Vehicle year, make, and model (ensures availability of required transport trailer size)
  4. Operational status (can be driven forward and in reverse, with basic steering for truck loading and unloading)
  5. Earliest available car pick-up date
Car transport quote

How do I calculate my car shipping estimate?

Your car shipping estimate will include several different transport factors. This includes, but isn't limited to: trip distance, car size (sedan, pickup truck, SUV, etc.), vehicle condition (operable or inoperable), transport type (open or enclosed), location (i.e. rural or urban), and the time of year when you ship.

Car shipping estimate

Car shipper math

Auto transport quotes and car shipment rates in the industry are calculated using specific shipping considerations that are unique to each customer. The total transport distance, car make and model, and overall condition are just a few variables that affect the price for car shippers. Our auto transportation calculator generates a quote for shipping a car with all the details you enter, giving us the power to offer the most accurate and cost-optimized price, without hidden fees.

What factors are used to calculate cost of car shipping?

car shipping date
car shipment date

Shipping date

When you book a car transport service, the shipping date often plays a huge role in the cost of shipping a car. The best-case scenario involves booking car shipment as far in advance as possible. Once you know you’ll definitely be shipping your vehicle, begin researching an auto transport company to request a car shipping quote.

Increased flexibility around car pick-up dates will often result in car transport quote savings.

Distance as a cost of shipping a car component
Distance as a cost to ship a car component


How much does it cost to ship a car?
Total distance is the main component used in calculating a quote for car shipping. Longer distances generally lead to a higher overall car shipping price, but include a discounted cost per mile for increased auto transport distances. With our car shipping calculator, you can get the best auto transport quotes for any car shipment. It’s important to note that international car shipping prices might differ from ground vehicle transport.

Make and model as auto shipping quote components
Make and model as car shipping quote components

Vehicle make & model

We ask for the exact vehicle specifications because the truck driver has to know how much space will be needed for your auto transport. Longer and taller cars require additional vehicle transport adjustments, which may slightly increase car shipping costs. Vehicle modifications like larger tires and roof racks can also increase the cost of auto transport. Call us at (888) 666-8929 if you have vehicle modifications to ensure car shipping quote accuracy and guarantee proper fit on the auto transport trailer.

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Transport type as a cost to ship a car component
Transport type as a car shipping quote component

Auto transport type

Most people shipping a car select open car transport. It is the standard in the industry and cheapest way for car shippers to move your vehicle. For extra car shipment protection, we recommend using enclosed car transportation services that shield vehicles from weather and debris. Enclosed auto transport can increase the cost of car shipping, but is worth the peace of mind for delicate or luxury car transportation.

Vehicle condition as a auto shipping quote component
Vehicle condition effect on the cost to ship a car

Vehicle condition

If your car is running, you will get a better auto shipping price from car shippers for the allotted distance. If your car is inoperable, but maintains the ability to roll, steer, and brake, it will require a winch and other accommodations to be loaded onto the carrier trailer, which will increase the cost of shipment.

Please note that Montway Auto Transport only quotes for car shipping if the vehicle can:

  • Roll, brake, and steer
  • Be loaded and unloaded by a forklift or wrecker
Population as a auto shipping quote component
Population as a cost to ship a car component


Metropolitan areas usually have plenty of trucks available to carry out car shipping orders for auto shippers, which makes car transport prices lower when you’re shipping from or to these locations. When transporting cars, we strive to find the best deal for residents of small towns. If you live far from a major highway, you can opt to meet the trucker at a designated location for a better cost for shipping a car and potentially faster auto transportation services.

Seasonality as a car shipping quote calculator component
Seasonality as a auto shipping quote component


How much does it cost to ship a car during winter? How much will it cost car shippers to transport the same vehicle in the summer? For example, auto transport services to warmer states are very popular during the snowbird season and the prices for transporting a car to those destinations will be higher during that period. Use our car shipping calculator to get the price for shipping a car.

Depending on your scheduling flexibility, we recommend trying different shipping dates to see rate impact for choosing the best price.

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