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Montway transports vehicles to and from ports or airports

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Loading at ports

We haul to and from all ports across the United States. We are not an international car shipping company (yet!) but know how to work with international carriers to complete such transports. When shipping abroad, be sure to budget money for permits to pick-up or drop off the vehicle at the port.

Hauling at airports

If your car comes from or goes to an airplane, our assigned trucker can travel to the specified airport facility. We will make sure the carrier follows all directions for a proper loading and unloading. Your car will be insured with the motor carrier’s cargo policy and Montway’s contingent insurance during the transport within the U.S. provided by Montway. The international marine carriers will inform of their own coverages when the vehicle leaves the U.S.

No extra fees

Montway’s prices are all-inclusive, and there are no additional or hidden fees. We have open or enclosed door-to-door transport, as well as expedited shipping for our international customers to choose from. Give us a call today at (888) 666-8929 or use our online chat to select your option.

No sales tax

We don’t apply sales tax to the shipping services we offer. The price you’ll receive is all inclusive, and you will save money when shipping with us anywhere in the United States.

International auto logistics

Other benefits to ship with us

International auto logistics

No carrier assignment, no charge

We work quickly to find carriers to ship your car, and we don’t charge credit card payments until after we find a dependable car hauler for your vehicle.

Excellent customer service

Our Customer support team is available 365 days a year for extended hours. All agents are trained to be friendly and to find the best transport solutions for any individual needs.

Know your driver

We strive to keep open communication with all of our customers and connect them with the car hauler so they can get information faster.

International car shipping

Guaranteed pick-up

If you have limited availability to release the car for pick-up, Montway offers a special option for a guaranteed pick-up on a specific day.

Attention to detail

Shipping anything larger than a postcard internationally requires a lot of coordination and timely pickup and dropoffs. Montway will work with you every step of your transport within the United States to help with your overseas car shipment.

Why choose Montway for your car shipment

Montway is the industry car shipping leader and has established a network of 15,000 car carriers. Additionally, Montway partners with some of the largest dealers in the country to service their transportation needs. We are a proud member of Inc. 500 named one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, and we earned spot number eight in the 2017 Fast 50 List by Crain’s Chicago Business for sustaining progressive growth.


Happy shippers

We want all of our customers to be happy with their car transport. We provide a personalized approach to every order to ensure stress-free shipping each time.


In business

Car shipping is all we do. We started a decade ago and continue to implement the newest market innovations, keeping our customers happy.


Cars delivered nationwide

Auto manufacturers, car dealers, and your next door neighbors have trusted us to ship their cars. Choose Montway for a superior car shipping experience.


Carrier network

All of our carriers are chosen because of their dedication to high quality service standards.

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Frequently asked questions

After an order is placed, we will search our vast car carrier network to find a trucker to transport your vehicle. We will assign the best one available and give you an estimated pick-up time. The trucker will call you to confirm all the details ahead of schedule.

That depends on the airplane or marine transport company, as well as on the respective airport/port. We will help you in every way we can with this matter.

No, they are not. We recommend that all items, including important documents, are removed from the inside of the vehicle.

Yes, it is. The insurance that will cover your automobile is the trucker’s cargo insurance. We have special requirements for all carriers that we work with in terms of the limit of their cargo insurance. Montway’s contingent insurance during the U.S. portion of the transport also helps to further protect your vehicle. The international marine carriers will inform of their own coverages when the vehicle leaves the U.S.

Your shipping time will be calculated based on the distance of your move. We will provide you with this information when you get your quote and again when you place an order with us. It will be listed as transit time. With each delivery being unique, it is possible that your car could be delivered faster than the estimated transit time provided.