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Automobiles are used everywhere in the whole world. Now there is no such country in the world where automobiles are not used. There is a great difference in the life of a man who lives in a country with less number of automobiles and huge number of automobiles. A lot of developing countries and the developed countries have large number of vehicles.

The US is on the top of the list where almost two third people have their own cars. Other developed countries like Japan, Australia and Canada are not too far away from US in this list.

Facts About The Auto Industry

There are number of amazing facts and figures about the automobile industry which really show the importance of this industry worldwide. People used to travel on their feet and on animals in the start but as soon as technology has been progressed the trends have been changed. Now vehicles took the place of other means of transport because the old ways of transport were very time consuming and there was lot of hard work being required to travel from one place to another. Automobile transportation is relatively very fast and effective way of movement from one place to another.

According to a survey it has been estimated that more than 60 million automobiles are produced every year and in 2050 the number of produced automobiles will increase up to 200 million. This shows that great success and expands of automobile industry. And according to another survey it has been estimated that the total number of automobile in the whole world will jump up to three billion in 2050. This really is a rapid increase in the growth of cars in the world and rapid increase in the production of the cars can only be the reason behind this growth.

As this industry is giving lots of benefits to the people in transportation and trade sector, it has some draw backs as well. While there would be a rapid increase production and demand of automobiles then more infrastructures will be required as well. There will be more needs or road and new path so that the traffic can be controlled and the overall strength can be lighten up. There will be even more consumption of natural resources because this automobile industry heavily rely on oil and gas.

Car Fuel

Gasoline and other natural gases are required to run automobiles. Because of the technology improvement there are new trends coming as well in the consumption of automobiles. New technology has been improvising as well in the whole world. Vehicle are now shifted to other natural resources that includes hydrogen and nitrogen even some developed countries have been producing vehicles which can be operated through filtered water. This is due to the heavy usage of oil in the whole world along with the shooting prices of oil. The production of cars has been majorly done by some specific countries where Japan is on the top of the list. It has been one of the reasons for this great revolution in the world about automobile industry.

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