Tips to Transport a Car to Another City or State

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If you’re moving across state lines, you have a number of tasks on your to-do list. If one of these tasks is to transport your car to another state, make sure you know how to make this process go as smoothly as possible. Check out these helpful car-moving tips and make sure to transport your vehicle with an experienced company.

Clean your car before you transport it to another city or state

Wash your car and take pictures from all angles so you know the condition of your car before picking up by the car moving company.  If you have any damages keep a record of that. The auto mover will also mark this down on their inspection report. Car movers would not want to be liable for any past damages and they will have that described in their auto transport terms and conditions.

Remove any personal items from the car

When you are cleaning your car for transporting, it will be nice that you remove everything from the car. By everything, we mean personal items and any removable parts to the main body of the car. Do not include any of your belonging in the car as this is in fact against the law. Most car moving companies will not allow you to leave any personal items in the car as they are not licensed to transport household goods. You can read more about this on our Auto Transport help sections.

Secure all loose parts

Thoroughly check your vehicle and make sure that all loose parts are properly locked or removed. Transporting a car, whether it is across the ocean or across the country takes time and quite a lot of movement. By locking up and taking off loose parts such as spoilers, fog lights, mirrors (fold them back), antennas you are helping secure a safer car moving process. Besides locking every loose part make sure you close the windows very well.

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Disable car alarm

It is quite easy for people to do everything, but forget to put off the car alarm system since they are used to leaving it on when they are not using the car. It is highly necessary that you disconnect the alarm system entirely especially when you are preparing your car for shipping across the ocean. If you forget to disconnect your alarm system or for some reason have to leave it on, make it easy for the car shipping company to disable it. If it goes on it will disturb the driver (and other people if transporting by airplane or cargo ship) and it will continue to blow until your battery goes flat.

Do not fill up your tank with gas

Don’t top it off, but have about 1/4 of a tank with fuel. This will saves on the car weight, which the auto shipping companies appreciate. Moreover, you will need to have some gas for the car carrier to load the car, and for yourself at pick up.

Bonus pro tips

Car battery fully charged and tires inflated

Also, make sure you have refilled all car fluids and let the car shipping company know of any leaks. Car leaking fluids such as oil, brake or transmission fluid should be fixed. A leaking car can cause damages to the car carrier and the other cars being transported.

If you are shipping convertible

Make sure you close and secure the top properly. Seal any holes or openings to prevent possible air or moisture damages.

Vehicle inspection report

Do not forget to do the vehicle report as this will save you a lot of headaches in case of an accident. Your vehicle report is the only evidence you have about the condition of your car before the pick up. Although the car carrier will do an inspection of your vehicle before picking it up, you should take the time and do one for yourself. Before you sign the Bill of Lading, make sure that a detail vehicle report is done.

Photographing the car as we mentioned above will also support your vehicle inspection report in case you need to file a claim later. When you shipping a car you have to get a copy of the vehicle report, which both you and the car shipping company driver sign. If there are clauses of the inspection report you don’t understand, ask the car carrier to explain.

Car operational problems

Though you can ship a car that is out of order, ideally the car should be in a running condition. However, if there are any operational problems prepare a list for the car moving company to help them with operating your car.

By following these cars’ moving tips you will ensure a safe and secure shipping of your car. If there are other car moving questions you are wondering about just ask the auto mover. A good auto shipping company will help you with auto moving tips and advice to have smooth car shipping process. The car moving process is not complicated when you find a reliable car transportation company. An established car moving company knows the ins and outs of the auto shipping process and will make sure customers are happy with the car shipping service.

At Montway Auto Transport, make sure that the process of shipping your car across the country goes smoothly. Whether it’s long or short distance, we want to make sure your vehicle arrives to your new area in good condition. That way you’ll be ready to start exploring the place that you will now be calling home.  

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