How to Choose an Auto Transport Company

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Did you just get a new job and have no idea how you are going to get your car there? Or what if you just bought a car online but now have to figure out how to get it. Do you have a classic car you want to take to its first show? There are tons of scenarios that all beg the question, “How will I get my car there?” You can’t always drive it, but thankfully we can answer that question for you.

However, it can be difficult to find a reliable company if you have never used the service before. Take a second and read through these tips on how to choose an auto transport company so you can weed out the “less than stellar” companies out there.

Compare Car Moving Companies

Do some research and create a list of 3-5 car shipping companies you are interested in. Once you have a few, start to compare and contrast their shipping rates as well as their services. Most sites will offer quotes so you can compare them to other companies.

TIP: It is best not to choose a company solely based on rate. You may save money by going with the company that has the lowest cost, but they may not be reliable or handle your vehicle with care.

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Check Company’s Reputation

shutterstock_137670860You can go off of what the company’s website states, but it is hard to trust everything they say. So, to be completely sure, check online review sites specific to auto transport. Customers often post auto transport reviews on the services they received, and if they didn’t have a good experience you will hear about it on these review sites. An example of a good car shipping review site is Transport Reviews. There are plenty of companies reviewed on the site and all of the top shippers are there- with reviews from real customers.

Another great way to be sure they are reliable is to see if the company is registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Check Company Services

Enclosed Transport
Enclosed Transport

Depending on your needs you many need a particular service. For instance, if you have to move your family vehicle you will probably just want to go with an open transport. This is the most common delivery method as it is safe and economical. However, if you are shipping a vehicle that needs a little extra TLC, then you will likely ship your car in an enclosed transport.

Another thing to check is where the company delivers and picks up your car. Do they use terminals or do they have door-to-door delivery? If they use terminals you will have to go to a certain location to drop off and pick up your vehicle. However, if you would rather have the truckers come to your home then you will want to be sure they offer door-to-door transport.

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Inquire About the Deposit

If you see a company that states their deposit is non-refundable, it’s a red flag. The car shipping company should not be charging you for anything until there is a trucker assigned and guaranteed to ship your vehicle. Be sure to gain this deposit information before signing.

Liability and Insurance

Lastly, you need to be absolutely sure that before signing with any company that they are licensed, insured and bonded. In the unlikely event that something should happen to your vehicle during transport, you want to be sure you won’t have to foot the bill. A good auto transport company will not only offer liability, but will also have cargo insurance for maximum coverage. Look through the company’s website or ask their representative to see what they offer.

Finding the perfect auto transport company for your needs may at first feel like finding a needle in a haystack, but know that there are great transport companies out there.

Happy Transporting!