Different Methods of Car Transport

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When relocating, you have a lot of things to take care of. Not only moving all your belongings, your car also needs to be transported to your new destination. This involves professionals that are equipped to transport your car by truck, air or train. The costs involved in this can be enormous if you select transport by air. This option has some advantages and also disadvantages. It is the fastest means of moving a car to a far distance as long as the airplane remains the fastest means of transportation in our era.

Shipping Your Car By Plane

Transporting your car by airplane is also the safest means. It is a type of enclosed carrier and the car is well protected and packed. There is reduced mobility and shock that will lead to breakage and scratches. Besides, there is no possibility of the car being exposed to bad weather condition, dirt, insect and birds. The environment where it is kept is clean and safe against all of the above. So, you are likely to get your car as it was when you handed it over to the auto moving company that you have chosen.

However, the disadvantage of this option is that it is very expensive. In fact, it is only a few individuals that can afford to transport their car using this option. The option is good for people going for executive meeting, conference, short term vacation. They can even travel in the same flight with their car. So it saves them the time of arranging for car hire when they get to their destination.

Moving Your Car On Rails

Using rail freight is another option that you can opt for if you are employing the services of an auto moving company. With this option the car will be transported to your new location using the train service. There is a space in the trail called the auto-rack where the cars will be packed for the journey. This option is also a fast means of transporting your car to a new location. However, you cannot compare the fastness of the train with that of a plane. The disadvantage is that it is also expensive.

Transporting It With Car Carrier

You can also opt for auto carrier trucks. There are many auto moving companies that have trucks and semi-trucks specifically meant for car transport. It is less expensive than air and train freight. There are two options that you can choose here, namely, the open carrier and enclosed carrier. In the open carrier, many vehicles are transported at the same time in an open carrier while in the enclosed carrier only a few vehicles about 1-5 vehicles are transported at a time and the vehicles are protected from element of weather in an enclosed carrier. Open carrier is less expensive and also less secure than enclose carrier.

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