How Carriers Choose Their Car Shipping Loads

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If you are moving from state to state and don’t want to drive your car on your own, you can enlist the services of a car shipping company. Depending on the company, they will have to find a suitable carrier to haul your vehicle to its destination. Do you know what motivates carriers to pick up certain loads, though? Do you know what kinds of orders they prefer?

Having this kind of information under your belt before scheduling a car shipment can really help you out. Let’s take a quick look at how carriers choose their loads so you can gain some tips for your own vehicle transport scheduling.

Cash is King

One thing you should know right away about truckers is that cash is king. Meaning they are much more likely to pick up an order that is paying in cash than an order paying in any other way. Even if the price is a bit lower, truckers will almost always take cash over billing because it is much easier for them.

You see, if the customer wants to be billed, the truck driver has to wait before he sees his portion of the payment. When paying in cash, the trucker gets his cut right away. Who wouldn’t want to be paid upfront instead of waiting? When you schedule your vehicle transport with Montway, you can pay in cash at the time of delivery or pick up, or pay in full with credit when you order. Keep this information in mind when deciding which option to choose. Especially if you need your car shipped ASAP.

Location Matters

We touched on this point earlier this week with 5 Tips for Scheduling Your Car Shipment, but it is important here as well. Truckers traveling nationwide usually have certain routes they take for maximum coverage. They may already have three cars assigned to their truck going from the southeast to the northeast. If your vehicle needs to be shipped from Florida to New York, that may spark their interest. However, if they see you are shipping from a very remote area in Florida or to a very remote area in New York, they may be hesitant to haul your vehicle because they will have to go out of their way.

That’s not to say truckers won’t ship to and from remote areas- they will. However, it may take a bit more time or money to get them there. That’s why, if you are shipping to a rural area, it works much better if you are flexible and willing to meet the trucker in a more populated area for pick up or delivery.

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Car Shipping Scams

You may have come across a few disheartening articles on customers dealing with car shipping scams. Unfortunately, as with any industry, there are bad eggs that can ruin it for everyone. However, when companies run a scam in this industry, truckers feel the blow as well.

Scam broker may schedule a carrier to transport the vehicle, has it transported and ultimately end up refusing to pay the trucker in the end- pocketing the customer’s money all on their own. This is yet another reason truckers prefer being paid in cash to being billed- unethical scam brokers can take advantage of them and leave them with nothing.

Though truckers are always willing to accept payments outside of cash- and willing to travel off the beaten path- if you need to ship your car fast, these tips can help make the process a bit faster.

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