Transporting Your Motorcycle: Transport Service vs. Personal Trailer

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Need to transport your motorcycle across the country? Whether you’re moving to another state or heading to a rally, what is the best way to get your bike to your destination? 

Besides riding the motorcycle to its destination, you can either learn how to transport a motorcycle on a trailer or hire a professional auto transport company to move it for you. Below, we cover the pros and cons of each approach, with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Renting your own trailer: pros and cons

Renting a motorcycle transport trailer and hauling the motorcycle yourself offers a sense of control and independence. Consider the advantages and drawbacks below.


  1. Cost savings: Renting a trailer can be cost-effective compared to hiring professional transport services, depending on the trailer type or transport services you request. Flexibility: You have the freedom to plan your route, make stops and control the timing of your journey, giving you a more personalized travel experience.
  2. Personalized care: You can personally ensure the safety and well-being of your motorcycle throughout the journey, minimizing the risk of damage.


  1. Availability: Rental trailers are not always readily available and may be hard to come by in your area. 
  2. Skill and experience: Towing a trailer requires specific driving skills in addition to loading, proper strapping and weight balancing. Lack of expertise may lead to challenges on the road.
  3. Time and effort: Planning, loading and towing all require time and energy, which may not be practical for those with busy schedules.
  4. Wear and tear: Transporting your motorcycle on a trailer may expose it to weather and road debris, especially if it’s not shielded from the elements. If it isn’t properly secured, the motorcycle could tip over or even fall off the trailer, causing significant damage. Plus, the vehicle used to tow the motorcycle will experience wear and tear as well. 
  5. Side costs: While renting a trailer can be less expensive than hiring a professional, you may incur additional costs if you have to stop for food, fuel or overnight at a hotel. 
  6. Personal vehicle not equipped for towing: If your personal vehicle is too small or unable to tow a trailer and motorcycle, you will need to either rent another vehicle or borrow one.

Hiring a motorcycle transport company: pros and cons

Opting for a professional motorcycle transport company provides a hassle-free alternative to towing your own trailer. While this comes with its advantages, some considerations need attention.


  1. Expertise and experience: Professional transport companies specialize in moving motorcycles, so your bike is only handled by experts. Not all transport companies offer motorcycle services or are properly equipped to ship motorcycles. Be sure to select a fully qualified motorcycle shipping company.
  2. Convenience: Hiring a transport service saves time and effort. Since you won’t have to load and drive the motorcycle yourself, you’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your move or trip.
  3. Insurance coverage: Reputable transport companies provide insurance coverage for your motorcycle during transit, offering peace of mind in case of unforeseen incidents.
  4. Specialized equipment: Transport companies use specialized equipment to secure and protect motorcycles, minimizing the risk of damage during transportation.
  5. Peace of mind: When shipping your motorcycle with a professional auto transport company, you can rest assured that your vehicle is being properly handled for safe and efficient transport.


  1. Cost: Professional transport services may be more expensive than renting a trailer, depending on what services you request. Learn more about motorcycle shipping costs
  2. Scheduling constraints: The transport company’s workload and routes may affect availability and scheduling, potentially leading to delays.
  3. Communication challenges: Some companies may not be responsive to customer inquiries or provide timely updates when requested. You can look up customer reviews to learn about a company’s customer service practices. 

Choosing the best transport method

When deciding which approach is best for you, weigh the pros and cons listed above, as well as the following:

  • Distance and destination: Evaluate the distance the bike needs to travel, as well as its destination. For shorter distances or local moves, riding the bike or renting your own trailer might be more practical, while hiring a professional transport company is a better option for longer distances or interstate travel.
  • Budget considerations: Compare the costs associated with renting a trailer and hiring a transport company. Factor in other fees like fuel, food or rest stops and potential damages.
  • Time and convenience: Assess your availability and schedule constraints. Renting a trailer requires time for planning, loading and driving, while hiring a transport company saves time and may be more convenient.
  • Reviews and recommendations: Research and read reviews for both rental trailer providers and motorcycle transport companies. Seek recommendations from fellow owners to gauge the reliability of various service providers.

Always remember that the best option will depend on your unique needs and circumstances. Evaluate all pros and cons, consider your priorities and make an informed decision. Your motorcycle is valuable and so is your peace of mind. Choose wisely!
Montway Auto Transport is a trusted name in the industry with a demonstrated track record of providing high-quality motorcycle shipping services. For more information, speak to a motorcycle shipping specialist at 888-989-8526.

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