7 Tips on How to Ship Your Car to Another State

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Shipping your car from one state to the next is a lot easier than you may think. A smooth, cross-state auto transport all comes down to the company you choose and how you prepare your car for the journey. As long as you arm yourself with our top 7 tips on how to ship a car to another state, you and your car will have no trouble moving from one state to another.  

Experience: go with the best company you can find 

Remember, this is your car we’re dealing with here, one of your most prized (and expensive) possessions. You’ll probably be tempted to snag the cheapest quote you can find on the internet but try to resist the low-priced, independent auto transporters. These lower-rung shippers tend to lack in several departments including insurance and customer care. Put your car in the hands of a professional, seasoned shipper. You won’t regret it. A good way to find a reputable auto transport company, like Montway, is to find companies that have top-notch customer reviews online or several years of experience in the industry.  

Choosing a company that not only has ample experience in shipping cars but also provides automatic transportation insurance of no less than $100.000 assures that you will be fully covered as you move your car from state to state. This is important whether you’re shipping a car to Hawaii, for example, or from one mainland state to another. 

Reputation: do your research

We mentioned it earlier, but this tip’s importance can’t be stressed enough—it’s also a good idea to go with a company that has been around for a while and has racked up a sizable amount of 4 and 5-star reviews. The great thing about living in the age of the internet is that everyone and anyone has the ability to share their opinion on a product, service or company. Take these reviews seriously! They can tell you a lot about a company’s reputation.  

Look out for comments about “late deliveries”, “hidden charges” and “bad customer service”. These are all signs that this is not the type of company you want to be dealing with when it comes to transporting an important item like your vehicle. 

Another great way to make sure you’re getting involved with the right company is to ask around at work or on social media. Post something like: “I’m looking at shipping a car to another state. Does anyone know of any good car shippers out there?”. You’ll get tons of suggestions and comments from followers and friends which will be hugely valuable in your final decision.  

Guidance: don’t be afraid to ask questions

Understanding how to ship a car to another state starts with asking the right questions. Before you book with a shipping company, make sure you’ve gone through all the important questions with a customer service representative. Look for auto transport companies, like Montway, that offer LiveChat services so you can ask all of your big questions easily and quickly. For example, you may want to ask: 

  • How many days until my quote expires? 
  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee? 
  • What is your refund policy? 
  • Do you include insurance in your pricing? 
  • What is your cancellation policy? 

If you’re looking at shipping a car to Hawaii or another island territory, make sure the company has experience in doing marine transport and ask questions about any rules or regulations involved when shipping a car on open waters. Your vehicle is basically like a member of your family and you want to make sure that you are working with an auto transport company that understands the importance of keeping their customers’ cars safe and protected. For examples of what sort of questions you might want to ask an auto transport company, check out our FAQ section 

Book in advance: book your shipment as early as possible

It’s always a good idea to book your shipment the second you know you’ll need it. That way, you can be sure that you’re getting the lowest possible quote and will also give yourself plenty of time to plan your move. Keep in mind though that the pricing of shipping a car will also depend on other factors like the size and weight of your vehicle.  

To get a better idea of how much your shipment will cost, look for auto transport companies that have an instant pricing feature, like Montway’s Instant Quote Calculator 

Prepare your vehicle: leave your gas tank about ¼ full 

Before sending your car off to ship, it’s usually recommended that you make sure your gas tank is no more than a ¼ full. This is to prevent any combustion from happening en route. This law is enforced whether you’re shipping a car to Hawaii by boat or to a mainland state on a transport truck. The gas tank must always be no more than a ¼ of the way full.  

Take precautions: take Everything out of your car

This tip is easily one of the most important tips for those of you who’ve been wondering how to ship a car to another state. If you are shipping a car to Hawaii or on open waters, it’s absolutely crucial that you remove everything from the interior of your car except for basic items like floor mats, jumper cables and installed car seats. Your car will go through customs before getting loaded on the boat, so any random personal items left behind may (and will) get confiscated by the border guards.  

When shipping on the mainland, there are no strict rules on what you should and shouldn’t leave in your carBut, it would be wise to remove everythingexcept the basic driver’s items we already mentioned. Removing all of your belongings from your vehicle will make your car lighterresulting in a lower shipment cost. This step will also get your car ready for its safety inspection when you register it in your new state. 

Choose quality over price: don’t base your final decision on price

As we mentioned, the cheapest is not usually the greatest option. There are a ton of different auto shipping companies out there, each with their own protocols and rules and though it might seem like a good idea to go with the cheapest in town, consider “why” this company is not as expensive as the rest.  

It could be that they aren’t insured and therefore don’t include coverage in their final quote. It could also be that they’re a new business and thus haven’t invested in certain safety equipment that the older, more experienced companies have. Long story short, going with a reputable, well-known auto-transport company will guarantee that you’re getting the service, coverage, and treatment that you and your car deserve.  

Whether you’re relocatingshipping a beloved classic car, or moving with the militaryMontway has auto transport services to suit all your individual needs. We’re one of the biggest and most reputable auto transport companies in the nation and we have helped thousands of satisfied customers for over ten years. Contact us today to see how we can help you ship your car to another state! 

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