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Myths exist in every industry and the auto transport does not fall behind. Myths are common misconceptions people believe in because other people do and hence we assume they are true. Assumption is not based on facts and we should not assume, rather do some research and ask auto transporters questions, when it comes to shipping your car. Thus, don’t trust everything you hear, not matter how many times you have heard it because here we will debunk some popular myths about car shipping.

Myth#1: Terminal to Terminal Shipping Is Cheaper

If you have never had to ship your car, you can’t know for sure what would be the most cost effective car shipping option. It is true that it does require extra driving and handling to ship your car to your door and this ultimately cost more. However, despite the fact that terminal-to-terminal shipping saves gas and money to the carrier, the terminals may charge an additional fee to keep your car. Thus, this extra charge will raise the final cost of shipping and will cancel the expected advantages of terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Myth #2: Terminals Shipping Increases Chance Of Delay

This is a big myth that we will debunk quickly. Terminal to terminal auto transport does not increase the time for delivery because it depends completely on the customers’ availability to pick up their car.

Myth #3: Avoid Auto Transport Brokers

Often an auto transporter is both a carrier and a broker, and this would be the ideal case. However, if you have contacted a carrier only, you may want to reconsider that. Often dealing with car shipping carriers will face you with the challenge of no customer relations department to update you on your delivery. This may turn your auto transporting into quite a challenge when you don’t know where your car is on the road.

Most carriers have a limited number of trucks covering a certain area and when their capacity is filled, they may not be able to offer you the most convenient for you dates. Delivery time, and cost, is one of the most important aspects of car shipping, and this is where a broker will come into play. A carrier will offer later shipping dates and try to accommodate your car transportation.

A broker will find you an auto transporter that will pick up your car at the most convenient for you time, while offering customer service department that will answer all your questions. Brokers will provide you with terms and conditions of the auto transport up front, whereas a carrier will simply hand you the contract at the pickup date. Consequently, since car shipping brokers’ reputation depends entirely on their customer relations, they will offer more attention and do the best to accommodate their customers.

Myth #4: Auto Shipping Cost Depends Solely On Distance

Auto shipping cost does not depend only on the distance. There are a few major factors affecting the car shipping cost – distance, vehicle size, accessibility of final destination and flexibility in dates. Therefore, when charging for shipping auto transporters consider the distance as major factor, but not the only one. If shipping your car to a rural, more difficult to access location that would cost you more since the carrier has to go off the main route. If you are not flexible with the shipping dates and demand specific dates that also may cost you more because the auto transporters may have to make additional arrangements. Therefore, car-shipping cost depends on many factors.

Myth #5: It Takes More Time to Ship Than Drive Yourself

That is quite a popular myth. People often think that it would be easier, cheaper and faster to drive their car to the new place than to trust it in the hands of an auto transporter. It may be true sometime, but it all depends on the situation and the car shipping company you have chosen. That is why it is good to work with brokers and tell them your requirements as they can better accommodate you. If you are on a time schedule, and need your car fast, you may want to consider expedite car-shipping service instead of racing with your car across the country and risking delays and hazards of traveling long distance.

Myth #6: It Is Too Expensive To Ship A Car

Cost is of course the most important aspect when thinking of shipping your car. Many people think that it is an expensive service that they would not like to pay for. However, in most cases it is cheaper to have an auto transport ship your car rather than you driving it all the way to the new location. If you have an expensive car for shipping, you may want to spare miles and gas, plus lodging, which may cost you much more than have it shipped. All you need to do is shop around for auto transporters and get auto transport quotes.

Myth #7: Remove Your Hubcaps To Save Money

Talking about the cost again many people will tell you to remove the hubcaps in order to save on car shipping cost. This is a big misconception. Many people believe that it will save them money because car shippers give their customers tips to prepare the car for transporting, and often that includes taking down any removable parts and locking them in the trunk. Myth debunked now because your hubcaps have nothing to do with the car shipping cost.

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