Transporting your Luxury Car Cross Country

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When you are moving cross country and you have a luxury car that you want to move also, it is probably better if you choose for enclosed transport. Enclosed transport is about $400 more expensive than the open option. Both will ensure a safe delivery but it will protect your luxury car from harsh (weather) conditions. So you may way pros and cons for both options against your needs and the value of your car. Most cross country auto transport services offer both open and enclosed shipping.

If you are the proud owner of a valuable luxury car and worried how to get it at the destination point safely, you still may feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Our Check List

Here is a check list to make it more easy and clear.

  1. When are you moving; weather conditions are an important factor in making you decision on type of transport. If you are not driving yourself or letting a professional driver deliver your car, you will have to decide on the issue of enclosed/open transportation.
  2. Shop around and ask a number of transportation companies for quotes and advice. Ask them also if they can provide references. Furthermore you can ask friends and family for advice and about their experience with shipping companies.
  3. Ask about insurance and make arrangements if needed. Needless to say to carefully read the policy and to make sure that you receive a copy.
  4. When you deliver the vehicle for transport, make sure that the mover fills out the loading bill, including a condition report on your car. If mover doesn’t make photos before loading it might be a good idea if you do. Don’t sign the condition report if you don’t agree with it.
  5. Make sure that any agreements with the shipping company and promises, including what the mover will do to make it up if the promises are broken, are provided in writing. Keep in mind that verbal quotes/promises are nothing more than hot air!
  6. Check your vehicle at delivery and make sure that any damage is noted on the delivery report. Once signed for, it’s hard to make a claim for damage which you’ve not noticed at delivery.

If you keep the above in mind, it is really not a big deal to transport your luxury car across the country. When you’ve informed yourself adequately and made good arrangements you can sleep without worries during your flight, while in the same time your car is being brought to your new home. A little research and knowledge will help you make more informed decisions about transporting your car.

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