What is Driveaway Service?

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When it comes to transporting your car, several options are available, such as traditional auto shipping or driving the vehicle yourself. There is also driveaway service, where a driver will get behind the wheel and take your car on the road. Driveaway service is primarily used for out-of-the-ordinary shipments that would not fit on a regular car carrier.

In this blog, we’ll explore what driveaway service is, how it works, its pros and cons, and how to become a driver.

What is driveaway service?

Instead of loading your vehicle on a trailer with other cars, driveaway companies hire a professional to drive it to a destination of your choice.

How do driveaway services work?

Using a driveaway service is simple. You start by providing basic information about your vehicle, such as its year, make, model and condition, in addition to your pickup and delivery locations. The driveaway transport company will then provide you with a quote and an estimated timeframe for the entire shipping process.

Once you agree to the terms, a driveaway driver will pick up your vehicle at your agreed location and drive it to the specified destination. 

Who uses driveaway services? 

Driveaway services are ideal for anyone. This is a valuable service for those who are relocating but don’t have the time to drive their vehicle and for those who don’t mind putting the added wear and tear on their vehicle. These services are also hired for commercial purposes. Driveway companies can help with corporate relocations by transporting company cars or delivering vehicles to clients or employees. This service is mainly used for short-distance moves for dealerships buying cars from auctions as well as oversized and heavy haul vehicles that do not often fit on a standard car hauler.

Pros of using driveaway services

If you’re thinking about a driveaway service to transport your vehicle, consider the flexibility of delivery options.

Flexible routes 

Large transport trailers may need more maneuverability or exceed height and weight restrictions to access certain roads. While the majority of the time door-to-door car shipping can get near your home, this can be an inconvenience to some, where shipping your vehicle with a driveaway service may provide more flexibility on certain routes. 

Door-to-door delivery 

Whether you live on a small street off the main road or at the top of a steep hill, a driveaway driver can usually drive your vehicle directly to your door. It’s much simpler to offer door-to-door delivery when the vehicle is driven. Of course, there are exceptions depending on the type of vehicle you plan to ship. For example, if you’re shipping an RV or a semi-truck, they may have legal road restrictions getting to your door just like the car haulers. 

Cons of using driveaway services

While driveaway services can be an appealing option to some, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind, such as adding mileage to your vehicle, costs and the quality of the driver.

Mileage, wear and tear 

Using a driveaway service can significantly add miles to your car depending on your route. Consequently, your vehicle’s value can decrease. In addition, your vehicle will experience wear and tear from the road, potentially accelerating maintenance schedules and repairs. 

Higher prices 

Driveaway services can be more expensive than other forms of auto transport, such as shipping or driving the car yourself. You will be responsible for covering all expenses during transit, for example: driver flights or rideshare services, food, lodging, gas, tolls and accommodations for the driver when using driveaway services. Keep in mind if there are any potential breakdowns, you will be responsible for covering those repairs and additional fees incurred along the way.

Restrictions on shipping personal belongings 

When hauling a vehicle by trailer, weight limits are critical to the auto transport process. As a result, you can’t always ship personal belongings in your car. By using driveaway services, you will often be asked to remove all personal items from your vehicle. Keep in mind that most driveaway companies will restrict what you can and cannot transport inside your vehicle. 

How to become a driveaway driver

Typically, drivers must be at least 25 years old and have a valid personal driver’s license. According to Zippia, drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL) can increase their value and be offered more opportunities. Having a clean driving record is required and some companies may even undergo a criminal background check before allowing you to transport a vehicle. 

Is a driveaway company right for me?

Hiring a driveaway company can be an additional option for transporting your car, truck, or SUV. Considering the pros and cons, driveaway services are a unique and convenient transportation option worth exploring should there be a specific need for it. If you’re thinking about moving your vehicle, Montway Auto Transport arranges vehicle shipping for customers nationwide. Call 888-666-8929 for more information or use our online calculator for a free, instant quote.

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