What to Know When Shipping A Car To Another State?

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Are you relocating to a different state? Your personal car should follow you and you already did the math that the least recommended option is the do-it-yourself one. The reasons: you may not be familiar with the state-to-state highway infrastructure; it will take a lot of time and energy; at the end you’ll have to return for your belongings that is zero cost effective.

To ease your relocation you should consider different options for shipping car to another state. The most popular car transport services are: transportation in a covered or uncovered truck, hiring a professional driver or loading it along with your furniture. Usually people hire an auto transport company or “auto mover” to take care of the relocation details. A professional auto moving specialist requires the full set of car documents and will inform you of the different options and prices.

Auto Moving to Another State Details

For example, you are notified of the extra fee if you add other luggage to the car. Costs depend on the company price-list, the pick-up location (whether it’s a definite terminal to which you drive your car or it’s loaded from your doorstep), the destination (again a near terminal or a quoted private address); the size and weight of the vehicle. Of course, prices of the different services can be compared also over the Internet. Generally more costly are the door-to-door transportation and the moving of larger or heavier cars, because they take a greater amount of space and are worth higher fuel expenditure. You may also be charged for spoilers, racks and other upgrades in the car. But if the order involves transportation between big cities along interstate highways, it would be much cheaper. Another pricing factor is the time for transportation. If you need your car to the new place of dwelling urgently (let’s say within 24-48 hours), the fee will be higher. 10 days seems to be the optimum term of cost-effective car moving.

Don’t forget to prepare your car prior to relocation:

  • Empty your tank to approximately ¼, so that you reduce the overall weight of the vehicle
  • Take out all personal belongings from the car
  • Deactivate the car alarm
  • Deliver the keys or any keyless devices to the transporter
  • Review the car condition along with the trucker and request your vehicle inspection protocol

If you use the auto mover company for the first time, make sure that the drivers are licensed and insured. Ask for their documents or proofs of their good driving records. If nevertheless your car arrives damaged, there’s no place for worries as the driver’s insurance cover the transition damages. In such cases the protocol for your car’s condition is vital. Also being a client of an auto mover company you usually receive the payment due in a couple of weeks. Anyway statistics show that such cases rarely happen.

It seems that the most cost-effective, safe and time-saving option for your car transportation to another state is using the services of a car shipping company.

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