What You Might Not Know About Auto Transportation

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If you’re reading this, then you’re probably researching how to ship your car. With so much information available online, you probably already understand the basics when it comes to vehicle shipping. We’ve even written about some of the common myths and misconceptions about auto transportation. However, there are still some finer points that many people don’t know that could improve their vehicle transport experience. Here is some helpful information that you should know when shipping your car.

You don’t need an exact shipping address in order to get a quote

Are you just starting to plan a move or vacation and don’t quite know when you’ll need to have your car shipped? If you already know roughly where the vehicle is being shipped to or from, we’ll be able to calculate a pretty accurate price for what it will cost. Try to be as specific as you can when entering your information or use the closest nearby city to get a good idea of what it will cost. Get an instant quote now.

“Door-to-door” isn’t always literal

Many vehicle transport companies will advertise door-to-door services. On the surface, this paints a pretty clear picture of what you might expect: your car will be picked up and delivered directly to your doorstep. In some instances, this is exactly what happens. But a more accurate way to describe door-to-door shipping is that the truck driver will pick up the vehicle and drop it off as close to your home as they can legally and safely get.

The truck and trailer delivering your vehicle can be up to 80 feet long and weigh 40 tons. Many residential streets can’t support that kind of weight and crowded city lanes aren’t big enough for the trucks to maneuver through them. These are just a couple examples of the obstacles your carrier may have to contend with.

If your driver can’t deliver directly to your door, they’ll work with you to arrange a safe meeting place to load and unload your vehicle.

You can usually ship personal items with your car 

The rules around shipping personal items along with your car aren’t always clear, but Montway makes it simple. You can include one piece of luggage in the trunk that equals up to 100lbs when you ship your car with us. This can be a lifesaver if you’re in the middle of a move or traveling and need help getting your luggage from point A to point B. It can be easy and efficient to ship one piece of luggage along with your car but remember that it is not covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance.

The vehicle does not need a license plate in order to be shipped

No license plates? No problem. The requirements for shipping your car may be easier than you expect. All we need to move your car are the keys and the vehicle itself. We can even ship cars that are inoperable or won’t start. In fact, your car doesn’t even need to be insured for it to be shipped, although we strongly recommend that you do have insurance.

You don’t need to pay sales tax for car shipping

The expenses involved with moving, traveling and transporting your car can add up, but there’s good news when it comes to relocating your car. Car shipping is a flat rate service with no additional sales tax, so you won’t need to include that expense in your car shipping budget.  

Montway ships much more than just cars

We’ve been talking about shipping your car but Montway Auto Transport has experience moving all kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, as well as vintage and collector cars. Take a look at how we transported a 1933 Plymouth Coup. For added protection, we shipped this car in an enclosed carrier.


We’ve been talking about shipping your car but Montway Auto Transport has experience moving all kinds of vehicles, including motorcycles, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, OHVs and even golf carts. Montway is an industry leader when it comes to auto transport, arranging shipment for nearly 200,000 vehicles in 2021. Ready to ship your car? Call us at 888-989-8526 or get an instant shipping quote online.

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