May is National Moving Month

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May is national moving month, which marks the start of peak season for the moving industry. Millions of Americans are projected to move to a new home in the coming months, with most U.S. moves happening between May and August. 

There are lots of reasons why people are moving: 

  • Pursuing a job in a new city
  • Upgrading to a larger new home
  • Downsizing to something more manageable
  • Relocating to be closer to family
  • Leaving for college or returning home during break
  • Retiring to a new location
  • Seeking a change of scenery

Did you know? A study from the Census Bureau revealed that 8.2 million Americans moved to a different state in 2022, signaling an increase in state-to-state movers from previous years. If you’re one of the millions of Americans moving across state borders, don’t miss these tips for moving out of state.

U.S. census data shows that 25.6 million Americans moved in 2023. Additionally, moveBuddha reports that 45% of all annual moves take place between May and August. That’s approximately 11 million people changing locations during the summer months alone. While industry trends report an annual uptick of moves towards the tail-end of April, it’s not until May that moving season is truly underway.

With such a drastic seasonal increase in moving services being requested during these months, May has earned its title as National Moving Month. If you’re thinking about making your move this May, here’s what you should know:

Frequently asked questions about National Moving Month

Why is May moving month?

The month of May coincides with warmer weather, longer days and kids finishing school. All of these factors combine to make moving an easier and more enjoyable experience and so many people use this time to pack up and move. 

This annual uptick of moves also makes it more challenging and more costly to book a moving company, as they’re in very high demand starting in May and lasting through the summer. If you’re thinking about renting a moving truck, storage unit or movers during moving season, it’s smart to book as far in advance as possible. 

Is there a national moving day?

With May holding the title of National Moving Month, it makes sense that there would be a specific moving-related day as well. Sure enough, there is: National Moving Day occurs the Tuesday after Memorial Day. In the moving industry, it’s sometimes referred to as “Crazy Tuesday” because of the dramatic spike in business that occurs on this day. 

What causes this spike, you ask? Crazy Tuesday comes right after a federal holiday where many kids are off school or already on summer vacation and right when warm weather and long summer days are becoming the norm, making it the perfect day for many families to move. 

What is the most common month to move?

May, June, July and sometimes even September generally see the same high number of people moving every year. The amount of people moving during these months are slightly different every year, so there’s no one month that’s consistently more common than others. 

What months are part of moving season?

Peak moving season takes place during the summer when the weather is warm, the days are long and students are out of school. An increased number of moves can be seen as early as April and as late as September, but the peak of the moving season is May through August. 

The increase in moves during this time also affects the price and availability of movers, so keep that in mind when planning your move and budgeting for rental trucks or a moving company. 

What is the cheapest day to move?

If you’re looking for a specific day of the week to move that will save you some cash, weekdays will have lower rates because they’re not as busy for moving companies. To save some money on your move, aim for a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when business is slower for moving companies. 

If you’re willing to wait until the moving season is over, you could save some additional money by scheduling your move for a weekday during the off-season.

What month is the cheapest to move?

Any month outside of the peak season will be less expensive when it comes to booking moving services. Avoid moving in April through early September if you want the best bargain on your move. Use Memorial Day and Labor Day as an easy way to remember when moving season begins and ends—any date between those two holidays is likely to be more expensive. 

Colder months like December, January and February see fewer people moving because of the inclement weather and shorter days. These months are your best bet for a cheaper move.

Use an auto transport company for your move

There’s already so much to think about when moving that your car is probably the last thing on your mind. You might think it will be easy to just drive it wherever you’re moving, but what if you’re also driving a U-haul with your belongings? 

This could mean that someone else will have to drive your car, or you’ll need to make multiple trips. What if you’re driving cross country and have everything taken care of except for your car—are you willing to drive it thousands of miles when you could take a stress-free flight instead? 

It’s for these reasons and more that you should consider shipping your car during your big move instead of driving it yourself. Discover the benefits to using an auto transport company for your move.

Auto transport is not as expensive as you think

The cost to ship your car is surprisingly reasonable considering the time, stress and potential expenses it will save you. In addition to the hours or days you would have spent driving, you’ll also save on gas money that would be used for your road trip (not to mention any food or lodging you’d have to pay for on the way.)

Long drives also come with the risk of accidents or damage to your vehicle that may end up being quite costly. Trusting your car to a professional transporter helps avoid those pitfalls and can potentially save you some cash in the process. 

Learn more about car shipping costs and get an estimate based on your vehicle and shipping destination.

Shipping your car is less stressful than driving

You already know how stressful moving can be, even if it’s just from apartment to apartment in your city. Getting your possessions packed up and moved takes a lot of time and energy, and having to drive all the way to your next destination can be just as exhausting. 

Take some of the stress out of your move and have your car picked up and delivered for you. Some auto transporters even offer door-to-door delivery, so you can have your car picked up from your house and delivered directly to your new address.

Your car is safe with a reliable auto transporter

Many people are hesitant to hand their car over to someone else, but using an auto transport professional to ship your car is very safe. In fact, most new cars are sent to dealerships every day with the same kind of open transport services that your car would travel on. 

If you want extra protection for your car—maybe you have a rare collector’s car or luxury vehicle— you can also request enclosed transport for an even safer, cleaner move. On top of that, your car is insured while it is being transported. 

As we gear up for National Moving Month, the Department of Transportation reminds you to be smart and cautious when choosing a moving company. Take the time to do some research, get prepared for your move and choose the best car shipping company to assist you. And remember, the cheapest company is not always the best! That goes for movers and car transporters. 

Moving and relocation made easy

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