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Have you ever heard or seen the name of a company and had to say to yourself, “What in the world were they thinking?” Or ask yourself what in the world is it they do because their name gives you absolutely no clue? With so many companies and industries in the world, the answer is probably, yes! In fact, the Huffington Post actually published their own funny business name article a while back. Over here at Montway, we’re all for creativity, but there seems to be a fine line between being creative and being just downright goofy. A company name should speak to what you do or the service you provide, right? Well, that’s what you would think, but over the years we have come across some pretty strange company names that have made us stop and think, “What were they trying to go for here?”

If you know anything about Montway, then you know that we ship cars nationwide for all kinds of people: classic car enthusiasts, antique car restoration hobbyists, car dealerships and everyday people alike. As both a carrier and broker, we come across many different car carrier companies every day. Over time, we’ve run into some interesting company names that have given us a good chuckle here and there.

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Take a look at some of these different and funny car carrier company names and know that if you see them around, they are real companies! Most of them are individually owned companies with a small fleet of trucks, so they can easily get away with naming their company whatever they want. Plus, having a company name like some of these may actually warrant some interest from the eccentric consumer, at the very least.

Gold Digger Transport

Are they transporting gold diggers, or is their service so good it’s like striking gold? We’d like to wager they were going for the latter.

Cowboy Dude Express

Is this a train taking you to the cowboy dude? Is it a transportation service for totally rad cowboys? Depending on what kind of car you are shipping, you may or may not be super comfortable having a cowboy dude transport your vehicle. If you are, however, looking to haul a pickup truck like a Dodge Ram, you may want to enlist the services of a trained cowboy transporter.

Happy Trails Transport LLC

When you picture this company name, the image of Oompa-Loompas running down the yellow brick road tends to pop up in your mind. We like the fact that they are delivering a happy service though. What more could you ask for?

Haulin 4 Lyfe

On USHIP’s website, this company states that when “you hire Haulin 4 Lyfe, Haulin 4 Lyfe shows up!! No Middle Man!” Well, if they are hauling for life then we certainly hope they are the company that shows up when you place an order! Although using a number in place of an actual word may seem unprofessional, the company does most of their transport for a Ferrari Maserati dealership on the east coast.

Turn N Burn Transport LLC

We’re not sure what you think, but the phrase ‘Turn N Burn’ seems to have some negative connotations when referring to vehicles. We can’t help but picture someone driving a car around at top speed burnin’ tire rubber as they make sharp turns left and right. On the other hand, the company name may lend itself to their fast transport service.

Whipper Snapper Transport

By definition, a whippersnapper is “a young and inexperienced person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident.” We’re sure that’s not what they were going for, but instead maybe just trying to emphasize the fact that they can get the job done right and they know they can. Or that they are young and therefore fully capable of doing anything you need them to do.

Bigfoot Transportation Inc.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may actually want bigfoot loading and transporting your car. At least you know your car is safe with them. But do they really exist? (Yes, the company actually does. We’re still not sure about Sasquatch though.)

Big Dreams Hauling

If you are hauling an exotic car like a Maserati or a Bugatti, you may definitely be hauling somebody’s dream- or many people’s dreams at that. Hopefully they’re hauling big dreams every day.

Climatic Carriers LLC

Are they carrying climate? Or can they transport your car in any climate imaginable? That is the question.

  • Here are a couple of other companies that made our “funny car carrier name” list:
  • Happy Snappy Enterprises Inc.
  • Gentle Touch Auto Transport
  • Thank God Truck Inc.
  • Big Boys Transport Services
  • In God I Trust (I.G.I.T) Transport Inc
  • Big Dog Bull Hauler Livestock
  • 911 Motor Carrier Inc

Happy transporting!

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