5 Tips For Improving Automotive Supply Chain Visibility

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Endless phone calls, multiple platforms, manual paperwork, overflowing inboxes—why is the automotive supply chain such a fragmented system? 

When your information is siloed and processes are disconnected, end-to-end visibility of your supply chain is nearly impossible. A disjointed view can lead to poor inventory management, inaccurate ETAs, compliance issues and angry vendors and customers. 

“It’s always been this way.” While a common response from many dealerships and auctions, it actually reveals a fear of change or perhaps a lack of understanding of the auto logistics options available. But change doesn’t always have to be drastic to make a big impact on your business. 

Here are five practical strategies to get you closer to end-to-end visibility in your supply chain: 

1. Evaluate your current auto logistics and envision your future state

Take a closer look at your supply chain and identify pain points, informational gaps and bottlenecks. Talk to key suppliers and other stakeholders to set goals and get a commitment for undertaking the work needed to reach each milestone. 

2. Integrate all suppliers onto a common auto logistics platform

You need to know exactly where parts and vehicles are at all times to mitigate delays, better plan inventory and manage customer expectations. 

3. Hire and empower employees with auto logistics knowledge

End-to-end supply chain visibility requires specialization. Do your employees know what’s expected of them in each stage of your supply chain? If you have new technology or processes, make sure you have people with the right skills in place to use your system to its fullest potential. 

4. Leverage an automotive logistics expert

An automotive logistics partner with the right technology can be the key to recalibrating your supply chain and achieving the levels of visibility you need to be successful today and to grow your business tomorrow. 

5. Trust your new auto logistics process

You’ve established your goals, standardized the process, empowered your employees and enlisted the expertise of a logistics expert—now it’s time to work the process and have the process work for you. Use your employees to add context to reports and leverage your 3PL partner for industry insights to help you make informed decisions. 

The need for end-to-end visibility in the automotive supply chain is essential. With the right technology and tools in place, you’ll be able to improve your operations and take advantage of new revenue-generating opportunities. One solution to consider is the Montway Automation Portal. Called M.A.P. for short, this platform is a single, automated way to streamline your supply chain. Learn how to efficiently move units and manage your vehicle inventory.

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