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Moving, going on a long vacation, relocating for work, college or the military—there are plenty of reasons why you might find yourself making a big move and need to transport your car. In the midst of everything else required for moving, one of the last things you’ll want to do is travel to drop off your car or pick it up from its delivery. 

Door-to-door car shipping is designed to relieve some of the stress involved in moving and shipping your vehicle by bringing the auto transport process to you. Read on to learn more about door-to-door auto transportation.

What is door-to-door auto transport?

Door-to-door shipping is designed to make the auto transport process as convenient as possible for the customer. With this shipping method, you provide the driver with specific addresses and they will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to those addresses as safely and legally as possible. 

For example, if you’re shipping your car from one home to another, it would be picked up on your driveway in the first location and dropped off at the final destination, provided the streets and driveway can safely and legally accommodate a car hauler. A carrier needs 100-150 feet of loading space at delivery locations to work within legal guidelines. 

Door-to-door shipping isn’t limited to home addresses either—customers often have their vehicles picked up and dropped off at their office or other safe, convenient locations.  

What are the benefits of door-to-door shipping?

Using door-to-door shipping for your vehicle is easy and convenient. Rather than arranging a meeting place to drop off your vehicle, or needing to get a ride to pick up your car after it has been delivered, you’re able to sit back and relax and the driver brings your car right to you. In many cases, the driver will ask customers to meet within 2-5 miles of the location as large 10-car haulers cannot drive, load or unload vehicles in some residential locations. 

You’ll also save time as your car is picked up at point A and delivered straight to point B. Other auto transport options like terminal-to-terminal shipping involve you dropping your car off at a terminal where it will sit until the driver has enough cars for a full load. In some cases, this could result in extended timelines as the driver waits for enough orders to come in before continuing with your shipment. 

What should I know about door-to-door shipping?

You should know that actual “door-to-door” shipping isn’t possible in every scenario. While auto transport carriers do their best to accommodate customers and bring their cars as close to their door as possible, there are sometimes legal or logistic obstacles that get in the way. 

With car haulers weighing up to 80,000 pounds and measuring up to 80 feet in length, there are some narrow roads, bridges and streets that just can’t support the load. Driveway and doorstep delivery for an automobile isn’t always possible in dense urban areas with narrow streets, places with low-hanging tree branches or along winding, steep or treacherous roads. 

As you consider door-to-door delivery keep in mind not only your vehicle but the car hauler truck that it will be transported on. Your car’s safety is the driver’s top priority, so a route that would compromise that safety won’t be an option. 

Drivers will often go the extra mile to get your car as close to your specified address as they possibly can while still upholding safety and quality standards. Keep your surroundings in mind and know that you might still have to make a short trip to drop off or pick up your vehicle when you select door-to-door shipping. 

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Auto transport FAQs

Do I need to be there when my car is picked up or delivered?

The owner of the vehicle doesn’t have to be there, but a representative needs to be present for pickup and delivery, as well as to sign the bill of lading. Remember that the representative must be 18 years of age or older in most states. In certain states, the representative may be 17 years or older.

What are the different methods for shipping a car?

The main methods for shipping a car are open transport and enclosed transport. Open car transport is the most common method used by most customers, including car manufacturers and dealerships. 

Enclosed car transport comes at a higher cost but offers increased protection from outdoor elements and road debris. This method is popular among classic, exotic and vintage car collectors that need to move their vehicles. Vehicles with low ground clearance or modifications may also need to be shipped via enclosed transport. 

Can you have things in your car when you ship it?

Most auto transporters will tell you to remove all personal belongings when shipping your car. You wouldn’t want to leave anything delicate or extremely valuable in your vehicle when it’s on a car hauler being shipped across the country. 

With Montway you can include one piece of luggage in your vehicle free of charge. It must be packed in the trunk only, and cannot exceed 100 pounds in weight. This is convenient for shipping clothes or other non-essential items during your move. Just make sure all items are packed in one piece of luggage and stored in the trunk of your vehicle.

How do I ship a car cross-country?

With a quality auto transport company, cross-country car shipping is easy and stress-free. Once you’ve found a reputable car shipping company you’ll need to determine your pickup and drop-off locations as well as the pickup and delivery dates. From there you can book your order and the carrier will do the rest. 

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