Eftim Eftimov

Chief Information Officer, President of Ship.Cars

Eftim Eftimov has an impressive track record spanning over ten years in the automotive tech industry. In his role of Chief Technology Officer at the holdings level, he oversees the tech teams responsible for technology design and implementation at both Montway and Ship.Cars. Eftim is also the President of Ship.Cars and previously held the position of CEO for Montway’s offices in Bulgaria.


Throughout his tenure at Ship.Cars, Eftim has led many innovations, including the initial introduction to market of electronic proof of delivery apps and the SmartHaul platform, where features like AI damage inspections and Trip Builder optimize workflows for carriers. He also spearheaded the development of the LoadMate suite, one of the industry’s leading end-to-end platforms, enhancing interactions between auctions, dealers, remarketers and car haulers.


Eftim’s expertise is not only rooted in his practical experience but also backed by a strong academic foundation. He is a proud graduate of Stanford’s ‘Innovative Technology Leader’ program and holds an Executive MBA from the prestigious American University in Bulgaria, further solidifying his business acumen.