5 Advantages of Electric Motorcycles

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A brief history

The concept of electric motorcycles dates back to the 1890s, right around the same time the first combustion motorcycle was built. Several manufacturers got in on the electric motorcycle trend, but they were few and far between. Over the last century, electric motorcycles haven’t been much more than a niche in the market. But now, thanks to technological advances and an increased emphasis on environmental factors, electric motorcycles are seeing a sharp rise in popularity and it looks like they could soon be sharing the spotlight with conventional motorcycles.

“The electric scooters and motorcycles market was valued at USD 2 billion in 2020, and it is anticipated to reach USD 3.5 billion by 2026,” according to a study by Mordor Intelligence. The electric motorcycle market is seeing considerable growth due to increased interest and need for sustainable, environmentally friendly transportation coupled with favorable government initiatives. As fuel and energy prices continue to rise, riders are looking for more electric and energy-efficient options.

Major motorcycle manufacturers have taken notice of this trend. Where electric motorcycles in the past were heavily carried by smaller startups, conventional motorcycle companies are now releasing electric bikes of their own. The Harley Davidson LiveWire motorcycle is the first electric offering by this legendary manufacturer and could be a sign of more to come. This new electric motorcycle is being met with praise and enthusiasm from riders around the world. Other auto manufacturing giants like BMW and Honda have also announced plans to step into the electric motorcycle arena.

This recent surge in electric motorcycle sales and manufacturing is a good sign for the future of sustainable transportation. Auto companies are tapping into what used to be a niche market that has been around since the beginning of motorcycle manufacturing and consumers are eager to buy.

There are electric versions of every vehicle from motorcycles and scooters to cars, trucks and SUVs. Electra Meccanica even offers a unique take on EVs with their SOLO electric trike. Some of the top electric motorcycle manufacturers today include Energica Motor Company, Lightning Motorcycle and Zero Motorcycles.

Popular electric motorcycle models:

  • Harley Davidson LiveWire
  • Energica EVA EsseEsse9
  • CAKE Kalk&
  • Zero SR
  • Damon HyperSport Pro

Now you might be wondering what makes electric motorcycles so special. Read on to learn what sets electric motorcycles apart and what advantages these differences can offer.

Benefits of electric motorcycles VS gas motorcycles

What’s the difference between an electric motorcycle and one that’s powered by gas?

Emissions: By using electricity to power their bikes, electric motorcycle riders don’t emit any exhaust fumes that contribute to air pollution. Removing gasoline, oil and combustion from the equation makes electric motorcycles a much more environmentally friendly choice for riders.

Maintenance: Compared to conventional motorcycles, electric bikes are much easier to maintain. Electric motorcycles have a much simpler design with no oil or cooling system, so there are significantly fewer things that need to be maintained, and fewer things that could potentially go wrong.

Torque and power: Electric motorcycles have some seriously impressive torque and can achieve peak power almost instantly from 0 RPM. This means electric motorcycles are able to reach their top speeds much faster than a combustion motorcycle, although conventional bikes will still be able to build up to a higher speed overall.

Speed: Gas-powered motorcycles are able to achieve higher speeds than electric motors, but that’s not to say that electric motorcycles are slow. Both electric and gas motorcycles can reach speeds of over 200MPH, which should be more than enough for most riders.

Price: Electric motorcycles, on average, have a higher price tag than gas motorcycles. However, that extra cash upfront could end up paying for itself in the long run. Electric motorcycles are much cheaper to power since they only need to be recharged rather than filled with gasoline. The cost of maintenance on gas motorcycles can also add up over the years and eventually cost more than an electric motorcycle.

Shipping a motorcycle

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Advantages of electric motorcycles

Many of the differences that set electric motorcycles apart from conventional bikes are also what gives them an advantage. Here are reasons why many riders are going electric:

Easier to maintain

If you’re not very familiar with the mechanics behind maintaining a motorcycle, or you’re intimidated by the idea of spending hours in the garage working on your bike, then electric motorcycles are a great choice.

Battery-powered bikes do away with all the oil, cooling systems and other components required for a combustion engine. This means there are far fewer things that require upkeep in order to have a properly functioning motorcycle. If simplicity and ease of use are priorities for you, then electric is the way to go.

More cost-effective

As mentioned earlier, electric motorcycles themselves tend to cost more than their conventional counterparts. However, they can quickly make up for that price difference by saving you money in other ways.

Using the Harley Davidson LiveWire as an example, it will cost you about $2.79 to fully charge the battery and drive its full range of 146 miles (source: Everything You Need to Know About Charging the Harley Davidson LiveWire). Basically, a full “tank” on an electric motorcycle costs less than a single gallon of gas. You can also factor out the cost of oil changes, coolant and various other maintenance aspects that add up on conventional motorcycles.

With more charging stations popping up across the country, electric motorcycles are now becoming popular for motorcycle road trips as well. Battery-powered bikes are helping riders save money while covering huge distances.

Reduced noise

You’ve likely heard loud combustion engines roaring through the streets and on the highway. For some, this could be a thrilling selling point to owning a conventional motorcycle. For others, it could be deterring them from riding a vehicle that they otherwise would like to own. Luckily for them, electric motorcycles are essentially silent. The reduced noise level of these bikes makes them more accessible for commuters and riders that live in more quiet areas or are just looking for a silent ride.

Environmentally friendly

One of the biggest benefits of electric motorcycles, and electric vehicles in general, is that they don’t emit any harmful emissions. Battery-powered vehicles will get you from point A to point B (and everywhere in between) with no exhaust contributing to smog or carbon emissions. More people every year are looking to shrink their carbon footprint and going electric is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Ease of use

Electric motorcycles are exceptionally simple to operate. Just power it on, twist the throttle and you’re moving. With an electric bike, you can reach top speeds without any shifting or other complications that come with manual transmissions on gas motorcycles.

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