Benefits of Shipping a Motorcycle with a Broker

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Whether you’re moving across the country or across the world, you want to ensure all your possessions make it to your new home in one piece. 

Motorcycle shipment is an ideal option for transporting your vehicle safely. When researching ways to transport your motorcycle, you’ll likely come across both motorcycle transport carriers and brokers. You can work directly with a carrier, but brokers provide many benefits. Keep reading to learn more. 

Motorcycle Transport Brokers vs. Carriers


Carriers are the actual motorcycle shippers; they provide transport services to motorcycle owners looking to ship cross country or internationally. Depending on the size of the carrier, they may have distribution centers across the United States for you to pick up and/or drop off your motorcycle. They may also offer door-to-door transportation, where they load and unload the vehicle at locations of your choice. 

You have the ability to work with a carrier representative to get a quote and plan your shipment, or you can select to work with a broker.


Brokers are different from carriers in that they don’t provide the actual transport service. Instead, they act as a representative on the behalf of motorcycle owners, tapping into their approved carrier network to help accommodate all of your shipping needs in negotiating the best schedules, routes and rates. The broker’s customer service rep will communicate with you to understand your needs and budget to match you with appropriate carriers. Once a carrier has been selected, the broker will arrange your shipment directly with the carrier on your behalf. 

Advantages of Motorcycle Shipping Brokers

So, why should you choose to work with a broker over a carrier? Brokers provide many advantages, including the following. 


Most brokers have a network of thousands of carriers across the country and can find one near you that best fits your timeline, preferences, budget, and any other criteria you set. The broker does the work of contacting and vetting carriers for you.

This means you have flexibility and aren’t tied to certain transportation or routes. Rather than you having to work within a carrier’s constraints, brokers find a carrier that fits what you need. Whether you are working within a specific timeline, need door-to-door delivery, or have a vintage bike with a sidecar, brokers ensure you find the carrier that provides it all. 


Understanding different coverage levels can be complex and overwhelming. Depending on the cargo being shipped, federal law requires all motorcycle transport carriers to carry specific insurance coverage. While carriers are required to carry liability insurance, this insurance type does not cover actual vehicle damage. You will likely need additional cargo insurance for covering damage due to a rare shipping accident. 

Since motorcycle transport brokers are well versed in these different insurance types, they can explain your options, share recommendations and give you increased peace of mind in knowing your bike is covered, and that you won’t be responsible for hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs should an unlikely accident occur in transit.


Finding carriers, contacting them, getting pricing quotes from each, and comparing to determine the best option is all incredibly time consuming. Motorcycle transport brokers take on this responsibility, handling the process from start to finish. They coordinate all details for you, arrange shipment faster, and verify carriers’ reputations and insurance offerings. 


If you choose to work with a carrier, you will spend a lot of time finding and narrowing down options, then getting quotes to compare pricing. Even then, you can’t be sure you are getting the best value. Because brokers have connections with many carriers, they can get multiple quotes for you from a variety of carriers to secure the best bang for your buck. 

Customer Service

The leading motorcycle transport brokers will put you in touch with a designated representative to work through the details with you. As industry experts, they know the ins and outs of motorcycle shipping, the most important considerations when planning shipment, and the pros and cons of different carriers. They are also better equipped to handle emergencies. For instance, if a carrier were to have a breakdown or get into an accident, a broker may arrange another carrier to pick up your vehicle and complete the trip much more quickly.

Finding the Best Broker to Ship a Motorcycle

Looking for a reputable broker to help you with your motorcycle shipment? Montway Auto Transport is an industry leader in vehicle transport and will assist you in finding a carrier in our 15,000+ network to ship your bike and keep it as protected as possible. 

We don’t just put you in touch with a carrier, we handle all communication. Our customer service reps are easy to reach and available to assist you when you need it. 

Are you planning on shipping a motorcycle? Call us at 888-989-8526 to learn more or request a quote.

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