How to Ship a Car from New York to Florida

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Every winter, many New Yorkers head south to Florida to trade in the cold city for sunny and warm relaxation. Florida is also an ideal locale for retirees with Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Tampa, The Villages and Sarasota popular retirement destinations.

When spending extended time in Florida, you’ll want your vehicle to explore all the beaches, attractions and culture the state has to offer. Auto shipping is a simple solution for getting a car, truck, motorcycle, golf cart or other vehicle from New York and other east-coast states, such as New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts to Florida. In fact, one of the most popular car shipping routes is from the Northeast to Florida.

Why ship your vehicle from New York to Florida?

The distance from New York to Florida ranges from 1,000 to 1,700 miles—a long trip to make yourself. By using a shipping service to move your car instead, you can hop on a plane and make the trip in just a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. Professional auto transport is more convenient, safer, puts less wear on your vehicle and may be cheaper than having to make frequent and/or overnight stops on your road trip.

Shipping a car from New York to Florida

How does car shipping from New York to Florida work?

Car shipping is typically a simple process. First, you must get a quote from an auto transport company, who will then reach out to arrange the details of your shipment, including pickup date and location, the type of transport you require and your timeframe.
On the agreed upon shipping date, you will meet the driver at the designated location in New York and several days later your vehicle will arrive in Florida in the same condition in which it left. Get more information on how auto transport works.

What routes do car shippers take from New York to Florida?

Car haulers typically take the fastest and most accessible highways when transporting vehicles. From New York to Florida, the most direct route is via Interstate 95. The roadways the driver takes will depend on specific pickup and drop-off locations and can impact the delivery time. For instance, if your car is picked up in New York City, depending on time of day, it may take the driver an hour or more to weave through busy streets and get onto the highway.

How long will it take to ship my car from New York to Florida?

Montway’s average for this car shipping route is five days or less. Weather and road conditions can create unforeseen delays, but typically no more than an extra day or two. Use this helpful guide to estimate how long you may be without your vehicle.

Cost to ship a car between New York and Florida

It’s hard to provide a definite cost as it is contingent on the company you work with, the type of vehicle you want to ship, whether you want open or enclosed auto transport, the time of year and more. If you have a specialized vehicle such as a classic car, this may also impact price.

Here are a few pricing examples using Montway’s cost calculator for New York car shipping and Florida car shipping:*

  • Toyota Camry from New York City to Sarasota: $959
  • Toyota Camry from Rochester to Orlando: $1,119
  • Toyota Camry from Buffalo to Tampa: $1,099
*Quotes based on open car transport for 2020 vehicle models with the first available date selected as “more than 30 days” and a discounted cash price. Get an instant quote for your specific shipping needs today at

Auto transport from Florida to New York

What about moving the other direction? If you’re traveling to Florida for a limited period of time, you’ll need to get your vehicle back when you return! While many factors will remain the same (vehicle type, distance and route), you’ll likely need your car shipped during a different time of year. Seasonal demand varies and therefore so does carrier availability. The same factors mentioned above will determine the price of car transport from Florida to New York.

The best car shipping company

To find the best auto transport company to ship your car, do some research. Reputable car shipping companies transport thousands of vehicles every year and should feature many positive customer reviews on their website. Check for proper licenses and certifications and contact customer service to get an idea of how helpful and experienced they are.

Working with an auto transport broker takes the guesswork out of shipping a car to Florida

Montway Auto Transport ships hundreds of thousands of vehicles every year across the country, with the route between New York and Florida being one of the most popular. We have a wide network of vehicle transporters and experienced customer service representatives to help you every step of the way. Just call us at 888-666-8929.

Get a real-time quote or learn more about our auto transport expertise.

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