6 Criteria for Evaluating Your Business’s Auto Transport Partner

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Supply chain disruptions, changing consumer behavior and sparse inventory—there are always new challenges and changes in the automotive world. As a dealership, it’s important to evaluate your logistics partners to ensure they meet your needs in this dynamic industry. 

Here are six criteria to keep in mind when comparing auto transport providers:

  1. On-time pickup and delivery

    An important factor in reliable auto transportation is ensuring drivers arrive as scheduled. As you evaluate your car shipping options, request to review a company’s track record, specifically pickup and delivery metrics to determine their reliability. This can help reduce your cycle times and maximize revenue potential. 

    Montway focuses on speed and efficiency, offering auto logistics services with 100% on-time pickup and 98% on-time delivery. 
  2. Reliable carrier network

    When working with an auto transport broker, it’s important to make sure they have an experienced and trusted carrier network. Find out how they qualify and monitor their carriers. Do they have strict standards that must be met? The logistics provider of your choice should have an established plan to ensure their carriers are legitimate, insured and safe. A dependable carrier network reduces claims that cut into dealership profits. 

    For example, Montway has a long-standing relationship with its carrier network. Before being considered for Montway’s network, all carriers must complete a 20-point identity and credential verification process. This evaluation confirms their licensing, insurance, safety ratings and more. Every 60 days, our carrier compliance team reviews actively working carriers to ensure our quality standards are maintained.
  3. Investments in technology

    Managing inventory, sourcing used cars and navigating supply chain disruptions are just a few challenges dealers faced in 2023. These obstacles presented an opportunity for innovation in the industry. Digital solutions that streamline vehicle moves and provide transit visibility are on the rise. Having a technology-focused logistics partner that understands your pain points and can help solve them is beneficial to your business.  

    To help businesses maintain their competitive edge, Montway continually invests in next-gen auto transport technology. The Montway Automation Portal gives dealerships full transparency while moving their vehicles from one location to the next. This platform streamlines auto transport with easy bulk VIN uploads, access to gate passes and other important documents. Plus, with dealer group visibility, you can analyze transportation costs by rooftop using custom roll-up reporting.  
  4. Focus on customer service

    Your auto transport provider should offer more than just a service, they need to be committed to your success. As your business partner, are they identifying ways to improve their service to you? How are they helping you enhance operational efficiency and boost revenue opportunities that improve your bottom line? 

    A customer-centric approach is the foundation of our business. Our seasoned account management and service teams work in partnership with you, collaborating to understand goals and preferred work practices. Additionally, we complete quarterly ad hoc reporting to ensure we’re meeting all KPIs.
  5. EV shipping capabilities 

    While electric vehicle (EV) adoption slowed in 2023, projections indicate that by 2030 its market size will grow by 13.1 percent. This makes it increasingly important to find a logistics provider that has the qualifications and knowledge of EV shipping.  

    Montway understands the unique challenges that come with EV transport, including the importance of load capacity, EV safety and proper battery handling. As a leader in auto transport, we only select highly-qualified carriers to move electric vehicles. We also monitor developments in the EV market to ensure our shipping standards remain among the highest in the industry. 
  6. Attentive claims process 

    Accidents are rare in the car shipping process but do occur and the right auto transport partner will never leave you guessing about the status of your claim. Ask if they have an in-house claims department or outsource and how quickly claims are resolved. Because this can be a very stressful process, it’s important to have clear and frequent communication with your logistics provider. 

    We boast 99% damage-free deliveries, resulting in fewer claims and significant cost savings for your dealership. If a claim is made, our experienced in-house department typically resolves it within one week. Our account management team also provides clients with weekly status updates.

Ready to make a change? 

Evaluating an auto logistics service provider should not be taken lightly. Consider the six criteria above to help you find a provider that solves your pain points, makes your job easier and helps your business grow. 

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