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Dealerships and auctions don’t always have huge truckloads of vehicles to transport at one time. They may also be limited to buying small volumes to keep costs down or meet changing consumer needs. Other factors, like the limited supply of new and used vehicles and additional online competitors entering the market, have created a greater need for single and low-volume vehicle moves. 

Not every carrier or logistics company has the capacity and flexibility to handle single-car moves. Read on for insights into this shift and learn why a third-party logistics company, with a foundation in single-car moves, benefits your business. 

Challenges in transporting a single vehicle

According to Forbes Advisor, the average commercial transport hauls five to nine vehicles at a time. When shipping just one or two vehicles, time is spent waiting for the transport company to fill a multi-level, multi-vehicle truck or trailer with enough units, causing shipping delays and unhappy customers. If you choose to skip the wait, you may end up paying more.

Your business goal is to spend more time selling vehicles rather than figuring out the best strategy for transporting them. Unfortunately, many car shippers don’t have the equipment or expertise to accommodate smaller volumes at an affordable rate. 

How single car moves help your business

When shipping one or two cars for an auction or to or from a dealership, you need a fast and easy solution. Working with a company that can support smaller volume hauls allows you to be agile and cost effective, responding better to transport changes. Single car moves increase your speed to consumers by getting cars on your lots faster to sell. 

Collectively, all these benefits will also improve your operational efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. 

Work with the leader in single-car moves

An experienced auto transport company has:

  • The ability to handle single to multiple-unit vehicle moves with dependability
  • Reliable pickup and delivery times to decrease your cycle time
  • A clear understanding of your needs and offers one point of contact to make communication easy
  • An extensive network of vetted carriers and the ability to secure transport that matches your timeline, budget and other specifications
  • Experience securing the equipment required to keep cars, trucks, motorcycles or other vehicles safe

Montway has over 14 years of experience in moving one vehicle at a time and has earned a reputation as the leader in single-unit moves. In 2020, we arranged transport for over 140,000 vehicles and have the capacity to meet the dynamic demand of dealerships, auto auctions and other businesses in the automotive industry. 

Learn more about Montway Business Solutions or contact us at or (888) 666-8929 to request a demo or for more information.

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