Faces of Montway: Chris Velazquez

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Montway Auto Transport is an industry leader when it comes to car transportation. To do this, we need the help of an awesome staff. Learn more about our team in this edition of Faces of Montway.

Name: Chris Velazquez 

Position: Sales Supervisor

Duties: Oversee retail sales & dispatch support.

Awesome skills: Negotiation, budgeting, and customer service.

Emoji he most relates to:  :unamused:

Biggest hobby outside of work: Cars (working on them in the garage, not helping customers get their’s moved across the country).

Favorite thing about working at Montway: Dimitre, the CEO

Most annoying thing about working at Montway: People not reserving conference rooms!

One problem you fixed this week? “On Monday, we found out one of our customers needed to get a sports car down to Florida by Thursday, and I just found out it arrived first thing Thursday morning.”

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