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The prospect of selling a vehicle can be overwhelming—from taking pictures and listing the car to meeting with potential buyers and arranging the transaction. Fortunately, there are many online resources available designed to make selling a car easy and convenient.

With Edmunds, you can get pricing for your vehicle in minutes without leaving your home. Learn more about how to use the platform and more details in this guide. 

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What is Edmunds?

Edmunds is an online automotive resource that provides tools for both car buyers and sellers. The site offers comprehensive information about vehicle inventory available at dealerships nationwide. The company also provides instant used car valuations and trade-in values to cater to car sellers. Edmunds was purchased by Carmax in 2021. 

How to sell a car with Edmunds

You cannot list a car for sale on Edmunds. However, the site provides an appraisal for your vehicle based on the details you provide.

Here’s the process:

1. Go to

To get pricing for your vehicle, click the menu option “Appraise My Car.”

2. Enter and confirm basic vehicle information.

You can pull up your car’s information based on the license plate and state, vehicle identification number (VIN), or year/make/model. Confirm the location and style then click “Continue.”

Next, select the exterior and interior colors, as well as any additional equipment, then click “Continue.”

3. Provide more details about the car’s condition.

Rate your vehicle’s condition by selecting one of these options:

  • Outstanding: No wear and tear
  • Clean: Minimal wear and tear
  • Average: Normal wear and tear
  • Rough: Several mechanical and/or cosmetic problems
  • Damaged: Major mechanical and/or cosmetic problems

Note: Edmunds will not provide an appraisal for a damaged vehicle.

Enter mileage, then click “Continue.” 

4. Answer questions about the vehicle’s condition.

You will be prompted to answer questions about the car’s history, like:

  • Has the vehicle been in an accident?
  • Has the vehicle been smoked in?
  • Are there any broken/inoperable parts? 

Be honest in your responses to get the most accurate valuation. 

5. Get your car’s value.

You will receive an instant Edmunds Appraisal Report, provided by CarMax. Scroll down to see the pricing history for similar vehicles and how the estimate was calculated. 

If you are satisfied with the estimated offer, you can schedule an appointment at the nearest CarMax location. If you’re not ready to schedule, email the appraisal report to yourself so it’s easily accessible when you need it.

6. Redeem your cash offer at CarMax.

The remainder of the process will be done at a CarMax location.

Pros & cons of selling a car with Edmunds


  • Instant estimate provided
  • Doesn’t require personal information
  • Data isn’t sold to third parties


  • Can’t list your vehicle on Edmunds
  • Can’t sell your vehicle directly through Edmunds
  • No estimates available for junk or inoperable cars

Edmunds reviews

Chris ☆☆☆☆☆
“It was so easy. I wish I had a few extra cars lying around. It was a very easy transaction, very seamless. I’m very satisfied with the experience.” 

Erik ☆☆☆☆☆
“I’ve been buying and selling cars for 30+ years and this was the best experience I’ve had buying or selling a car.”

Frequently asked questions about Edmunds

Is Edmunds legit?
Yes, Edmunds is a trustworthy resource for both sides of the car buying process. Users can access this information on the website or mobile app.

What kinds of vehicles can be appraised on Edmunds?
Nearly every make is included in the instant calculator, including luxury brands. Cars that date back before 1990 cannot be valued using Edmunds. In these cases, they’ll need to be appraised through a specialty classic car guide.

How does Edmunds calculate the market value of my car?
The market value is determined based on an analysis of millions of data points. For new cars, these include supply, demand and nearby transactions. For used cars, these include mileage, location and condition. 

Who owns Edmunds?
CarMax purchased Edmunds in 2021.

Where is Edmunds headquarters?
The Edmunds headquarters is in Santa Monica, California. It also has an office in downtown Detroit, Michigan. 

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