Men Love For Cars – desire to control or real emotions?

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Men Love For Cars – desire to control or real emotions?

Men love high performance cars and that is a fact. They go for testosterone-fueled sports and luxury cars and statistics confirm it. According to Kelly Blue Book, in the last few years the average horsepower (hp) of a car a man would buy is 360, where a woman’s preference is 170. Men buy those with enthusiasm even if they are not as affordable. With men, the bargain is not always the ultimate factor when it comes to buying a car.

Even today when fuel efficient and eco friendly cars are taking over the roads, most men still would go for fast masculine cars as they love them. So, why men love cars so much? And, why do they often take better care of their cars then their women? These questions often present a challenge because we don’t take the time to delve into the topic (issue many women would call it). So now, let us plunge in and tackle the love of men for cars.

Love At First Sight!

What do cars give men? A sense of freedom and adventure is a highly recognized answer among both men and women. In general, both sexes strive for freedom and power that gives recognition in society. Thus, the power and freedom men and women feel when a machine follows their commands is a main driving factor for love of cars. It answers both our instincts and socially constructed perceptions of happiness.

For most men is natural to follow their instincts, but social recognition is just as important and so when a single object can bring them both, they get emotionally attached to it. Moreover, it is not easy for most men today to buy the dream car, and they work hard to make it happen. Thus, it becomes something they been waiting and working for, which is why they feel passionate about it and when they achieve it they love it… and take care of it. This can give some hints to many women out there wondering about the best approach to hold the man’s attention and affection.

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It always makes you feel comfortable, when it’s the right car…but isn’t it the same with the right woman?

Men develop personal relationship with their cars faster than women because they perceive their car as an extension while women don’t. Women do experience that for example with their homes – they see the house as an extension of their being. For most women a car is a separate entity…thus when it comes to cars women fall into the category of ‘instrumentalists’, while men fall into ‘expressives’.

For women it is a convenience, what the car can do for them, for men is more like a sentient being they need to get to know and respond to – men love cars, that’s it. Don’t get mad ladies. It is somewhat sad that men feel that way about their cars, but there is an explanation to that. According to a BMW study, men feel like they have nothing to prove to and feel completely relaxed while driving their car.

If you think about it, it is not the same with their woman. Most men feel constantly pressured to prove and justify themselves in front of a woman. And this feeling intensifies even more when they get married. Although many would argue that, it is the truth and it applies to women too. We think that when we get married, we relax and start neglecting ourselves, but in fact, if you really love someone, you always strive to be the best you can be for him or her.

Why Do Men Develop Relationship With Their Car

Therefore, developing this personal relationship with their cars, men easily differentiate it from the personal relationship with a woman as easier to maintain and still satisfactory. Moreover, by owning the car of their dreams – often a high performance, luxury vehicle – most men equate it with them and take pride in their car. Stylish, powerful luxury cars give men the ability to customize, which is another key to satisfaction that makes them take great care of the vehicle, which explains this testimonial:

“I like to listen to my car. You can hear when the turbo clicks in – that vacuum-cleaner effect. You can just feel the giddy up effect, and the sensation of power is brilliant – you can feel it through the steering wheel and the back of the seat.”

A man can rarely find the right words to explain how he feels about a woman, yet he can be very expressive about his car because it is a different type of love. Both type of relationships, with a woman and with a car, are discovered slowly and deepened with the time. In both relationships, development raises more questions, but with the car, questions often don’t demand an answer instantly.

The response a man gets from his car is mechanical in its nature and yet it speaks on an emotional level. There is clicking, gear shifting and tire screeching, sounds men often describe with purring that makes them happy. In a relationship with the woman they love, the discovery process is more interactive which involves more effort as women are not easy to please at all.

Women acknowledge that and yet it can’t be changed because women are highly emotional and intellectual beings who like to show it. No matter how easy going a woman’s personality is, the relationship demands a lot of work to maintain and unfortunately a big percentage of men  are not ready to put in the effort. So, the car becomes their perfect match on many levels.

Every day…We Are Driving And Loving It!

Driving your car in general is intimate and individual experience. And since we are all emotional creatures this helps us develop a personal relationship with our cars. For most men this translates into even stronger bond because they are not as expressive as women are and with their cars, they actually don’t need to show emotions. They can only feel them, share, and enjoy the fact that they are not pressured to do that and not getting a response from their car only strengthen the personal relationship. Moreover, the way a car looks and feels partly determines how we feel and drive. Sounds familiar maybe ladies?

The emotion a car triggers in a man dictates many car makers’ decisions regarding car design. BMW’s philosophy is “Pure driving pleasure” for example. They associate this with emotional design because today people’s commute is long and we spend a lot of time driving. Thus, for most drivers the word car triggers emotions and it is important that the car responds to our emotional level. So, having the control and familiarity when driving your car is a pleasurable experience that makes the seemingly unemotional men to be strongly attached to their car.

This explains why when moving men are ten times more likely to ship a car, rather than sell it. To most men the car becomes their moving house, their second home that can be shown yet remain private. Many would say that this love for cars in men comes down to control, yet it is an emotional relationship.

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