Guide to Car Shipping for the First Time

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With over 25 million households moving each year, an uptick in seasonal travelers and the increasing trend of online vehicle purchases, Montway’s car shipping services are always in demand. 

For first-time customers, shipping a vehicle may seem like a daunting task. However, professional auto transport services like ours are quite straightforward. This video explains how auto transport works in 3 easy steps.

The process typically starts with a car shipping quote obtained either online or by speaking with a sales representative. 

The industry’s first online quote calculator

Montway was first to market an intuitive online rate calculator that provides customers with an instant estimate of their shipping cost. By inputting the vehicle details along with pickup and drop-off locations and preferred time frame, customers can get an accurate quote within seconds. We also encourage customers to call us with any questions about the process, their quote, or to schedule their shipment. 

Factors affecting car shipping prices

The cost of shipping a vehicle is influenced by several factors. These include total travel distance, pickup and delivery locations, shipping dates, vehicle details, trailer type and even seasonal fluctuations in demand or weather. This ensures that each quote is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of our customers.

One of our most popular routes is between New York and Florida, a favorite among our annual seasonal travelers, fondly referred to as “snowbirds.” For instance, transporting a standard vehicle from New York City to Fort Myers typically costs around $1,189 and will be in transit for about 4-6 days. This cost includes door-to-door service on an open trailer, which is our most popular car shipping method.

For those transporting high-end sports cars with low ground clearance, luxury cars or collector vehicles, we recommend an enclosed trailer as it offers increased protection for valuable assets.  For the New York to Florida route, this option would add about $400 to the total cost. 

At Montway, we strive to make car shipping as simple and affordable as possible. 

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