Solving the Mystery of Snowbirds

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As the cold winds from the North start blowing across the city streets bringing chilly rains and the first breaths of winter, most of us dig deep into closets reaching for sweaters, heavy jackets, hats, scarves and mittens. We start longing for hot apple cider or tea– anything that leaves a pleasant warmth in our stomachs. Venturing outside just for the fun of it is a pretty rare occurrence, and we start to become all too familiar with the inside of our homes again.
For many of us, the cold weather means falling into a state of hibernation for a few cold months.

Snowbirds: From Ice in the North to Hot Sun in the South

But not all of us! For some, the beginning of a bitter winter season means it’s time to gather up the summer clothes and chase after the sun until spring decides to come back home again. Meet the snowbirds!

According to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, there are about 9 million snowbirds of whom have traded cold climates and freezing temperatures for a warm place under the sun. These summer lovers are also called “winter Texans,” “gray nomads,” “elderly seasonal migrants,” or “sun chasers.”

So who are these snowbirds?

More times than not, snowbirds are retirees from the Northeast, Midwest and Canada who spend a large portion of their winter in warmer locales- usually states like Florida and Arizona to be exact.

While snowbirds used to be mostly retirees or near-retirement age people, nowadays more and more young people join the army of sun chasers. With the development and advancement of communication technology, workers are able to use laptops, PDAs, smart phones, video conferencing and email to work from the most remote locations. That being the case, who would pass up an opportunity to enjoy sugar white beaches instead of snow? Or decorate a palm tree for Christmas?

Where Does the Sun Lead the Snowbirds? The most common destinations for snowbirds are:

For those who fancy paradise settings, Hawaii is the place to be. Since snowbirds move to escape winter climates, their time away from home tends to be pretty long. It is natural to want to re-create the atmosphere of being at home even if it is miles and miles away from familiar locations. One aspect of feeling at home is having most of your belongings around- including your car. That same car that’s been driving you around your neighborhood, to your friend’s house, to catch up on the latest at the bar; that same car that’s been carrying a trunk full of groceries you picked up from the store will make you feel at home more than anything else.

Some snowbirds decide not to part with their vehicles and drive them to their summer destination, while others prefer to hire auto transport companies to safely deliver their vehicle to any location. It’s not such a bad idea to put your vehicle in the hands of professionals. It is common practice for most snowbirds to hire a car shipping company, but since there are thousands of companies out there today they should be careful and not fall victim to a car shipping scam.

Using an auto transport company to ship your vehicle to your snowbird location is not only easy, it’s ideal for most snowbirds. Driving demands a large investment of both time and energy- and depending on how far you are traveling, a lot of money is needed as well. If you are going to enjoy your time away, why not do it in style and convenience? Start your snowbird migration off on the right foot and ship your car instead!

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