When Should You Choose Enclosed Auto Transport?

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There’s a time and a place for everything.

You’ve probably heard that one before. There is a time and a place for enclosed auto transport, also. Except you’ve probably never heard that one.

The industry standard for auto shipping is to move vehicles using an open-air hauler. But if you’re protecting something a little more precious, enclosed auto transport is the preferred option for some extra padding.

Keep scrolling to learn more about enclosed auto transport and when is the right time for you to choose it instead of the standard open auto transport option.

When should you choose enclosed auto transport?

There are many different situations as to why people decide to ship their car. You don’t need to own a vintage Mustang convertible to consider shipping your car in a more protected package.

Think of it like the post office. If you’re shipping something fragile, like a souvenir seashell, you’ll probably buy the shipping material with those protective bubbles (that were really fun to pop as a kid…and still as an adult).

If you’re shipping something a little more durable, like a souvenir sweatshirt, you don’t exactly need to treat it like a Faberge egg. Enclosed car shipping provides a safer alternative to conventional shipping methods (which, by the way, is already pretty safe when you book with a reliable auto transport management company).

With enclosed vehicle transport, cars are shipped by using a truck with a fully enclosed trailer. In other words, it has four sides and a roof. Because vehicles tend to be the most valuable assets that people own, there’s a lot of situations where enclosed car haulers are much preferred over the open haulers.

When you’re protecting an ‘Investment’

If you’re just protecting your car, then open auto transport is probably fine.  But if you’re protecting something you consider an investment, for lack of a better term, then this is a time when you’ll probably want to go with enclosed car transport.

An enclosed trailer is a way to ensure protection from the snow or any other elements that could damage the exterior appearance of the vehicle. Using a reliable company will ensure your vehicle arrives at the desired destination safely. But if you want it to arrive without weather damage during any season, you’ll not only need to book with a reliable car shipper, you’ll need to choose enclosed auto transport when you select your reservation options, as well.

When you’re protecting from snow

Many choose note to ship their cars during the harsh colder months.

This is especially the case if you have an older vehicle, classic car, or an expensive and/or customized paint job. These car shippers would typically wait until the spring or summer months to ship their cars. That said, if you can’t wait until the spring to ship your vehicle, and don’t want to ship your particular car through the harsh, snowy terrain, enclosed car haulers are your best bet.

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When you’re protecting from other weather

Snow isn’t the only weather that might scare somebody into enclosed car transport.

Depending on where you’re shipping from, you might not want your particular car to be exposed to things like dust, dirt, air pollution, wind or rainfall. It’s one thing to know your car is going to bear the snow or cold, and you can take proper measures to make sure it doesn’t damage the car’s exterior.

That said, if you don’t want your car’s paint or hard-to-replace exterior parts exposed to any and all weather on the road (something that is no big deal for normal cars), you’ll want to protect your car from the elements. Go with enclosed auto transport.

When you’re protecting an antique 

Older cars are certainly worth having, but you need to give them the proper maintenance that they deserve.

You’ve probably already shown your car enough tenderness and love, but now shipping a car is when it’s crucial to remember the third letter in the acronym, TLC.

You need to care for it!

Care for your unique and antique automobile by shipping it in the properly-protected medium. And when talking about antique automobiles, enclosed auto transport is almost always the right way to go.

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When you’re protecting peace of mind

Theft is always in play when it comes to nice cars. And while there’s plenty of tangible reasons to ship your vehicle in an enclosed container, the most important of all might be the only intangible one: your peace of mind.

Knowing your car is in a protected environment for the length of the ride might be the missing link in feeling relaxed for the journey. If you’re a snowbird heading to relax for the cold, winter months: the last thing you want when you start your trip is a problem. And, even with a super helpful claims team (like the one at Montway Auto Transport), theft is never an easy problem to tackle.

Protect your peace of mind if theft is a concern, put your exotic auto in an enclosed auto hauler.

When you’re protecting your own safety

Some people might be okay with their car being shipped across the country…but only if they’re the ones moving it.

Not only will this add miles to your car, but it will add tired to your eyes. Avoid the temptation to try and save a couple of bucks by driving it there yourself.  Your car will still be exposed to the elements if you drive it. And, it’ll be vulnerable to theft if you stop at a hotel/motel to lay your head down.

Most of all, it will avoid you driving late at night and risk driving fatigued. Look out for your own safety, first and foremost!

FAQs: enclosed auto transport

Now that you know when (or why) you should choose enclosed auto transport, it’s time to answer some of the additional questions you might have about this service.

If these don’t address something you’re wondering, always feel free to contact our helpful team via Live Chat.

What is the difference between open and enclosed transport? 

Open transport is the most common car shipping method. A car on this is exposed to outside elements such as rain, sun, dust, etc. It is a safe and secure way of transporting your vehicle. Enclosed transport is often desired for owners of collector cars and used for classic, luxury, vintage, custom and sports cars.

Should I ship my car open or enclosed? 

Re-read the post above! There are many different situations when to choose enclosed auto transport.

How much does it cost to ship a car enclosed? 

Shipping a car enclosed will be slightly more expensive than shipping in an open car hauler. Use our online calculator to determine your cost of shipping.

Can you ship a car with stuff in it? 

With Montway you can have free of charge up to 1 piece of luggage, such as a suitcase or a bag, of up to 100 lb. placed in the trunk or cargo area only.   If your shipment is transported across the ocean, however, the answer is no. The vehicle must be completely empty of personal belongings, except for factory installed equipment or the port will reject it.

If I don’t choose enclosed transport, can you guarantee top load with an open carrier?

Yes, we can. This option is a good way to provide extra protection to your vehicle

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