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Montway Snowbird Auto Transport To Florida-Texas-Arizona-California

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Snowbirds Auto Transport

Montway is a nationwide car shipping company and we offer coast-to-coast car transport that includes all the major snowbirds routes in the US. During the 'snowbirds' season the car delivery business increases which could make it harder to find an available car carrier to ship your car. 'Snowbirds' season is every spring and fall and it is that time of the year when many 'snowbirds' head south for the winter and north for the summer. 'Snowbirds' are mostly retirees from Midwest and Northeast who pack their bags and move to the South to escape the cold weather in the northern states. Every year Montway helps thousands of snowbirds shipping their cars to their Southern locations and then back home. Most common Southern states 'snowbirds' relocate to are Florida, Arizona, Texas and California.

Most people relocate there for the obvious reason - to escape the cold winters in the Midwest and Northeast. And really, we can't blame them for that - nothing is better than move to the South during the bitter winters in North America.

Major Snowbirds Routes

Below you will find information about the major snowbirds routes. Keep in mind that during the snowbirds moving season vehicle shipment prices on these routes are higher. Montway’s advice to all customers is not to fall for the lowest price. The truckers have too many cars to choose from and they usually go by the highest price tag, thus a really low car shipping rate raises a red flag.

Snowbirds Auto Transport Florida

from to
Midwest to Florida and back: Chicago | Detroit | Cleveland | Minneapolis | Milwaukee Miami | West Palm Beach | Naples | Fort Myers | Bradenton | Tampa
Northeast to Florida and back: Boston | Philadelphia | Pittsburg | New York
New Jersey | Baltimore | Washington DC
Miami | West Palm Beach | Naples | Fort Myers | Bradenton | Tampa


Snowbirds Auto Transport Arizona & California (West coast)

from to
Midwest to Arizona , California, Nevada and back: Chicago | Detroit | Cleveland | Minneapolis | Milwaukee Phoenix & Tucson | Palm Springs | Las Vegas
Northeast to Arizona, California, Nevada and back: Boston | Philadelphia | New York | Pittsburg Phoenix & Tucson | Palm Springs | Las Vegas


Snowbirds Auto Transport Texas

from to
Midwest to Texas and back: Chicago | Detroit | Cleveland | Minneapolis | Milwaukee San Antonio | Houston | Dallas
Northeast to Texas and back: Boston | Philadelphia | New York | Pittsburg San Antonio | Houston | Dallas

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Montway Snowbirds Car Shipping

Benefits for the snowbirds to ship their cars instead of driving it:

  • Don't risk driving in the winter. Driving in the winter is risky, especially if you are going to move across the country. This can mean days of driving, often in bad winter conditions. Thus, 'snowbirds' prefer not to hire an auto shipping company to transport their vehicle to their winter getaway.
  • Save time and money. 'Snowbirds' have realized that as they travel the same routes every year. Crossing the country by car means spending money on gas, hotel, food and often emergency stops (flat tires etc.). Montway professional truckers will save snowbirds' time, money and the headaches associated with driving long distance.
  • Spare your car the tear and wear. Don't put extra mileage on your car by going down the 'snowbirds' shipping routes. If you move to the South every year this means thousands of miles on your car you can spare by hiring a car transporter.
  • Don't need to rent a car to go South. Renting a car could be quite expensive depending on which state you are taking it from and how far you are going. Snowbirds vehicle transport service with Montway means peace of mind - no renting, no driving.
  • Don't need to delay your travel plans. Save yourself the time of driving long distance and use it for something else. Montway will transport your car while you are relaxing or preparing your winter getaway home.

Moving your car to Florida or to California, Montway will accommodate your vehicle shipping needs. Whether it is your every day car or you need to ship your classic vehicle we will provide you with expert services. Snowbirds season means increased traffic on all major snowbirds routes, which makes driving dangerous. Leave the driving to Montway's professional truckers.

Montway Car Shipping Services include:

Montway Auto Carriers offer secure car delivery from and to any snowbirds routes destination. For more information, call us at . Montway is here to answer all of your questions and deliver your car safely.