Challenges and Common Mistakes When Shipping a Motorcycle

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Moving cross-country can be stressful. On top of getting your furniture, housewares and family from your current home to your new one, you’ll also need to move one of your most prized possessions: your motorcycle. 

It’s important to be aware of the challenges and pitfalls many motorcycle owners face when researching how to ship their bikes. Keep reading to learn more.

Motorcycle Shipping Challenges

Here are some potential obstacles you may run into when planning your motorcycle transport.

Finding a motorcycle transport provider

With so many companies offering motorcycle shipping across the country, an online search can quickly become overwhelming. And unless you understand the logistical processes involved and the differences between transportation brokers and carriers, it’s possible to misunderstand the information and hire the wrong company for the job. Working with a broker means you don’t have to take on the time-consuming task of contacting carriers and comparing rates and reputations to find the right one for you. A well-respected, credible broker will discuss your preferences, answer any questions you may have and finalize the details with the carrier of choice, saving you time and effort.

Selecting pick-up and delivery options

A broker can also help you decide between door-to-door delivery or transport from one distribution center to another, choose between an open or enclosed trailer and select pick-up dates and delivery times. Based on where you live, where you need to transport your motorcycle, your budget and more, a broker will recommend the best solution.

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Keeping your motorcycle safe 

Once your motorcycle hits the road, you are putting your faith in the driver to prevent damage or theft. This can potentially be an uneasy situation. However, there are key steps you can take beforehand to protect both your bike and yourself, providing you with peace of mind in your selected transport services.

First and foremost, choose an enclosed trailer if you are especially worried about the motorcycle’s safety. Enclosed trailers are sensible for long-distance travel, as they shelter bikes from weather and road debris and conceal them from outside view. 

Next, get insurance details from the carrier or broker and make sure you fully understand what is covered, especially if the motorcycle is customized. 

And finally, follow the requirements for preparing your motorcycle prior to the trip. If your vehicle will be shipped in an enclosed trailer with other motorcycles, you may be asked if there are any active leaks or to remove personal items, such as GPS holders, helmets or riding gloves.

Common Motorcycle Shipping Mistakes

When planning and executing your motorcycle shipment, you should avoid making these common mistakes.

Trying to transport the motorcycle yourself

You may think you have the right equipment and skill to secure your motorcycle to a trailer and transport it yourself. But unless you have extensive experience doing this, you will put yourself at risk for damaging the vehicle or causing personal injury when loading, unloading and transporting your bike. Additionally, professional carriers have specialized tools and equipment to more effectively protect your motorcycle in transit.

Automatically going with the cheapest shipping option

Companies boasting super-low pricing for transporting your motorcycle may sound appealing, but you’ll want to know what you’re getting for the cost. The least expensive options aren’t always the best; in fact, sometimes they signify lower quality products or service. Certain transport preferences, like open trailers, can reduce shipment costs, but aren’t necessarily the best option to keep your bike protected. Consider the distance traveled, number of stops along the way and other factors before finalizing any motorcycle transport details.

Additionally, you should find out if the company specializes in transporting motorcycles or if bike transport is just a secondary revenue stream for their business.  

Not spending time reviewing transport providers

The task of searching and choosing someone to ship your motorcycle can be daunting, but settling on the first company you find could result in a less than ideal customer experience, similar to picking the cheapest quote. It’s important to weigh all your options so you know the true value you’re getting for the cost.

Again, you can save yourself time and ensure you locate a quality and licensed carrier by working with a motorcycle transport broker. 

Not providing proper documentation

The company you work with to ship your motorcycle may require proof of insurance, vehicle registration and potentially other documentation beforehand, so make sure you ask what is needed and gather all required information when arranging your shipment. You don’t want to delay the process by having to track it down. The transport driver will also inspect your motorcycle during pickup to record any existing damage or scratches — be present for the inspection and ask for a copy of the report for documentation of your current bike’s condition upon pickup. 

Find a motorcycle shipping broker

Simplify the motorcycle shipping process with broker services. Montway Auto Transport has experienced customer service representatives who can help you work through all details for transporting your motorcycle to ensure you get a great deal while keeping your bike safe.

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