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Montway Auto Transport can pick up a car from anywhere in the US. And thus Montway’s driver Adrian K. had to pick up a car from a Copart salvage cars auction in Markham, IL. He is making his way in our car shipping adventures section. His first participation is just equally exciting as our first car shipping adventure of Rumen. He had to be there in the early afternoon on April the 13th (yes, exactly because it was April the 13th things didn’t go so well). So, Adrian had to be there before they close, and they usually close at 4:30 pm. He was running a bit late, but he knew he had to be there before they close. And so he was there before they closed the auction.


Loading a car onto a car transporter manually – yes we can!

Despite the fact he was there as agreed, before closing the auction for the day, they frowned at him. He smiled though and proceeded to do his job. The car auction employees said they will bring the car outside for him to load onto the trailer (here he couldn’t imagine what is expecting him). Since it was just before closing though, they said they will park the car outside the gates and let him load it himself.

Usually, they load the car onto the car haulers, especially since most cars are not in running condition and if that’s the case they have to load it with a forklift. Auction people said that this car is in ok condition so they just dropped it by the trailer and quickly left. Adrian turned the ignition key and started the car, it was running so it was all good. He pulled up to the front of the trailer to position it for loading.

However, when he put the car in reverse to adjust it for loading the engine shut down. He tried starting the car again a few times without any success and this is when he started frowning at the auction people. Too bad there was no one there to see it, let alone help him. The Copart forklift that unloaded the car had already left and the gate was locked.He didn’t want to load a car on an auto transporter manually, but he had to.

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So, Outside The Gate Is Where The Struggle Began

Adrian had to manually load the car onto the trailer so…he took out the heavy equipment. He hooked up chains on both sides of the car and started pilling the car towards the trailer.  He had to literally pull the car inch by inch to load onto his truck.  After almost an hour of struggling Adrian finally loaded the car and secured it on the car carrier trailer.

He did it. Montway’s driver picked up the car and delivered it to its destination. He wouldn’t want that to happen again and he doesn’t like the Copart people now.  Yet he is on the road again heading to his next pick-up. Expect more exciting stories of Montway Auto Transport drivers.

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