Does eBay Ship Cars?

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For decades, eBay has been a trusted source for finding and bidding on collectibles, hard-to-find items and so much more. Did you know you can also purchase a vehicle on eBay?

eBay Motors is part of eBay that allows consumers to buy and sell a variety of vehicles: 

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • RVs
  • ATVs
  • UTVs
  • Boats

The downside to buying a car online: You may find that the vehicle you want to purchase is located across the country. While eBay does not provide shipping services themselves, there are other convenient shipping options available. Continue reading to learn how you can purchase a vehicle on eBay and easily have it delivered to your door.

Purchasing a vehicle on eBay

The process for selecting, bidding on, and buying a car, truck or other vehicle on eBay Motors is pretty straightforward.

First, browse vehicle listings on the eBay Motors site. You can shop by category, make, model and more—and even find auto parts and accessories. On the eBay listing pages you’ll find images, a detailed description and history reports. 

Once you’ve found a vehicle you’re interested in purchasing, you can submit a bid. Sellers can choose a duration of three, five, seven or ten days, at the end of which the highest bid wins. Some sellers also offer a “buy it now” price, where you don’t have to bid and wait and can buy the vehicle immediately. 

Using car shipping to get your eBay purchase home

In an eBay Motors transaction, the buyer is responsible for arranging car shipping service. While they don’t directly facilitate shipment, eBay does offer transportation options through uShip. Car transport services like uShip involve a carrier picking up the vehicle, loading it up into a truck or on a trailer then delivering it to you. Door-to-door shipping means that once you’ve arranged transport, your work is done.

There is also the option for Local Pick-up on eBay. Some sellers opt for local pickup only when it comes to the sale of vehicles. Not 100% of the vehicles are available for shipping. While most sellers are okay with shipping, some choose local pickup to avoid car shipping scams.

Benefits of auto transport 

If the eBay seller is across the country, there are logistics involved in getting the vehicle picked up and transported to your home. Here are a few options:

  • Fly to the vehicle’s location and drive it home
  • Drive to pick up the vehicle with a relative or friend and drive separately home
  • Use a professional auto transport service

The first two options require hours—or even days of travel just to get to your vehicle’s location. You may not want to take time off from work, and friends and family members likely won’t either. Plus, the drive will put unnecessary miles and wear on the car before getting it home. Many vehicles being sold on eBay are used and already have many miles on them, meaning the drive back home could lead to unexpected breakdowns or maintenance issues. 

This is why many people choose to ship their purchases. The benefits of using a professional auto transporter or broker come in the form of convenience, affordability and ease. Here’s how auto transport works

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