Is Vroom Legit? A Guide to Buying & Selling Used Cars on Vroom

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Who wants to spend an entire afternoon at a car dealership these days? Between dealing with a salesperson to signing heaps of paperwork, most consumers are looking for a more convenient way to buy or sell a used vehicle. Fortunately, there are several options to buy and sell cars online—one of those being Vroom. 

If you’re looking to either purchase or sell a used vehicle, we’ve got the information you need about how Vroom works, Vroom reviews and frequently asked questions about Vroom.

What is Vroom?

Vroom is a website for buying and selling used vehicles. While the company keeps a physical inventory of cars, they offer a full e-commerce service. In addition to handling transactions for vehicles, Vroom also offers financing options from over a dozen banks and also arranges pickup and delivery.

How does Vroom work?

Vroom is available to individuals who want to buy and/or sell a used vehicle.

Buying a car with Vroom

The process to buy a car on Vroom is rather intuitive.

  1. Register on vroom.comTo make a purchase, you must create a Vroom account.
  2. Find a vehicle you want to buy. Vroom has thousands of cars listed on its site, with new vehicles added weekly. All vehicles featured on the site have been vetted through an inspection and each comes with a free CarFax car history report.
  3. Select your payment method. Vroom partners with multiple major banks to get you the best financing option. Alternatively, you can pay in full with cash or finance with a bank of your choosing.
  4. Set up trade-in details, if applicable. A Vroom Car Specialist will call to ask if you have another vehicle you’d like to trade in for your new one. After providing details, the specialist will conduct a quick appraisal.
  5. Verify your identity. You will be sent a confidential link to upload key documents, including your driver’s license and proof of insurance. You may also be asked to confirm other details, depending on your financing situation.
  6. Place a deposit. You will be required to place a deposit while contract details are finalized. The amount of your deposit depends on the specifics of the car you’re buying. When this is paid, the buyer has a hold on the vehicle for 72 hours to either finalize all details or go back on the sale.
  7. Sign on the dotted line. Documentation to finalize the sale will be sent by either postal mail or email. Review this carefully, sign and return it within 24 hours. Once it’s approved by Vroom, the car is yours.
  8. Have your car delivered. Before sending the vehicle to the buyer, Vroom’s team will perform one last inspection. Vroom will arrange auto transport with a carrier or broker to find the best delivery price for you. Expect your car to arrive within 10 to 14 days of purchase, delivered either to your home or a nearby location you’ve previously determined. Throughout the transport, the delivery team will be in touch with regular updates.
  9. Transfer the vehicle title and registration. Your car will arrive with temporary tags. Shortly after, you should receive an email with details about the title and registration so you can file the appropriate paperwork with the DMV. If you finance directly with Vroom, they will handle this paperwork for you. 
  10. 1Take the car for a spin. After your vehicle has been delivered, you have seven days or 250 miles—whichever comes first—to return it for a full refund.

Selling a car with Vroom

Similarly, selling your car to Vroom is relatively simple. The key to making this process go smoothly is having as much documentation about your vehicle as possible. Follow these steps: 

  1. Provide information about your vehicle. When you submit your car to be sold on Vroom, you’ll be required to enter your license plate number or VIN, current mileage and other information on its condition.
  2. Receive an instant appraisal. Vroom’s proprietary buying system will give you an instant price for the vehicle based on the information you provide and data from past transactions. This price is good for seven days or 250 additional miles, whichever comes first. If for any reason Vroom is unable to calculate the price, a company expert will send a price via email the same day.
  3. Verify information. When you’re ready to sell, upload pictures of your ID, vehicle registration, title and odometer reading. Vroom will get in touch shortly thereafter to gather any missing information and finalize the deal.  
  4. Schedule vehicle pickup. Vroom offers sellers free pickup directly from your driveway or a convenient location nearby (within the lower 48 states). 
  5. Collect your payment. When your pickup is confirmed, payment for the car is processed and sent via direct deposit or in a check by mail, whichever the seller prefers.

Pros and cons of using Vroom


  • They provide an all-in-one service.
  • Vehicles are given fixed prices, so there’s no need to haggle.
  • Sellers don’t need to find a specific buyer for their car; they sell it to Vroom who will sell it to another driver.
  • Sellers get their cars picked up by Vroom for free.
  • Buyers get peace of mind knowing the vehicle they’re purchasing is real and in good condition.


  • Vroom only buys and sells used cars.
  • There’s no opportunity to haggle on prices if you don’t agree on the price provided.
  • You must use Vroom’s delivery service, which can be unpredictable.
  • Buyers must pay a delivery fee, which can be over $1,000.
  • No opportunity to test drive a vehicle before you purchase.

Recent Vroom reviews on Consumer Affairs



“I generally do not leave reviews, but considering the amount of negative feedback I saw when researching Vroom, I felt compelled to share my positive experience. All in, it was 12 days from the time of the offer to the time payment was received. I received a quote on 1/23 and received my documents to sign in the mail on 1/26. My vehicle pick-up was scheduled on 1/28, my vehicle was picked up on 1/29 and I received payment on 2/3. The entire process was seamless and without any delay. As long as you upload your documents promptly and correctly and report the condition of your vehicle accurately, you should not have any problems. Please note this review is for selling my vehicle to Vroom.”



“I recently purchased my first car completely online. I have researched several online car buying services and settled on Vroom for several reasons which included price and the large selection of high-end vehicles. The credit approval process was fast and easy and I was even able to negotiate a lower interest rate and delivery fee. Once all documents were signed and returned to Vroom the delivery date was 14 days out but my new Mercedes Benz S560 arrived within 6 days to my front door from Chicago to Atlanta.”



“I bought a car and was satisfied with the purchasing process; getting financing, paperwork, car shipment and condition of the car; however, when the title arrived, my name was misspelled. Should not have been a problem but, although my phone calls were immediately answered when I selected the ‘Buy a car’ option after starting my car buying experience, it would ring for 15 minutes when I selected ‘title and registration’ or ‘delivery’ option and I would finally hang up. Trying to resolve this issue I opted to always select (I would recommend this to everyone so perhaps they’ll man the other lines more efficiently) ‘buy a car’ option. I could get immediate attention then I would have them switch me to a person in the ‘title and registration’ department. Poorly run communications dept!”



“I bought my 8-year-old Lexus ES 350 from Vroom on Feb 21, 2022. Then I read the reviews and was terrified that I made a monumental mistake. But my experience was positive for the most part. This is the worst time ever to try to buy a car. Dealers just don’t have new or used cars! Vroom had a remarkable selection. I bought the Lexus. It was delivered March 3 by a very nice young man who made sure I was happy before he left. I had the temporary tag and registration so I was set to drive. The tires were new. The battery was a year old. The brakes held firmly and the oil was new. The car was very nice. What surprised me the most, after reading the reviews, was I got my registration on March 17. I would definitely buy from Vroom again.”

Frequently asked questions about Vroom

Is Vroom legit?

Vroom is a legitimate business that buys and sells vehicles for non-competitive, no-haggle prices. Rather than buying or selling a used car directly, Vroom facilitates and authenticates the sale to give owners peace of mind.

What is the difference between Carvana and Vroom? (2 options for how to present info)

Carvana offers the same vehicle buying and selling services as Vroom, with some key differences:

Return Policy7 days or 250 miles7 days or 400 miles
FinancingWorks as a broker with partner lendersAPR financing in house
Delivery FeesBased on shipping distanceUp to $590 for delivery

Can you negotiate with Vroom?

No, prices provided by Vroom are non-negotiable.

How long does Vroom take to pick up a car?

Once you’ve completed the contract to sell your vehicle to Vroom, you will work with the team to schedule a pickup date and time frame. This is typically within 14 days after the contract has been signed.

How long does Vroom take to deliver a car?

The average transport length is between 10 and 14 days, depending on where the car is coming from and where it needs to be delivered. Rarely this will take longer if there are unexpected weather events or accidents in transit.

Does Vroom buy leased cars?

As of this writing, Vroom does not buy leased cars—a person must own a vehicle outright. If you have a leased car you want to submit to Vroom for sale, you must buy out of the lease and have the new title in your possession for at least 14 days before it’s considered eligible.

Where is Vroom located?

The majority of Vroom’s purchases and sales are done online; however, Vroom has a headquarters in New York City, along with a few office locations across the United States.

Who owns Vroom?

Vroom was founded in 2013 as AutoAmerica by Kevin Westfall and Marshall Chesrown, with Elie Wurtman and Allon Bloch joining as co-founders in 2014, when it was renamed. As of June 2020, it is a publicly-traded company.

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