It’s not a Holiday for everyone! America’s truckers are always on the road…

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This Holiday season you are most likely visiting your family for a warm Christmas gathering. There is nothing more we need than being with our families for the Holidays….plus a warm holiday meal, a shiny Christmas tree and some gifts to make the experience complete. Did you know that one very underappreciated industry makes it all happen each year…and every day? If you are still wondering let me get you out of the fog – for having all the goodies we want for Christmas and for any other day of the year we can thank the American truckers.

When trucks stop… America stops

The American freight does not stop moving whether it is a holiday or not. Most of us know that every good we see on our table and under the Christmas tree has been brought to us by the truckers roaming the American roads every day. America runs on trucks, not on donuts. 90 percent of the goods we use to maintain out living have spent some time on a truck. The trucking industry is one of the biggest industries in the US and it’s been growing tremendously over the last few years. This is partially caused by the fact that many goods are imported from outside the US which means increased distribution to all points in the US.

It’s all Brought to You by the American Truckers

Every single good you can think of has been transported by those big trucks we see on the road every day. Truckers supply food and healthcare products. They distribute retail merchandises on a daily basis throughout the country. Manufacturers rely on truck drivers to deliver their stock to the retail stores and outlets. Even the highly technological banking and finance industry needs the trucking transportation services to deliver hard copies of financial documents and currency.

One conclusion – no matter how high-tech each industry becomes, without the truckers to deliver the goods the consumers’ wheel will stop and America’s market will freeze. So, imagine now a world without trucks …

Can you imagine America without truck drivers now? Do you see an alternative for the trucking industry?

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