How to Be a Good Car Salesperson

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How consumers approach buying a car has changed dramatically over recent years. Has your approach to selling a car changed too? 

With an increase in online car shopping and electric vehicles (EVs) gaining popularity, professionals in auto sales may need a few refreshers to keep up. If you’ve been a car salesman for year or are new to car sales, here are a few helpful tips for updating your approach and delivering excellent customer service.

7 helpful car sales tips

  1. Don’t push too hard
    The closer a customer gets to making a purchasing decision, the more tempting it is for a car salesperson to get excited and turn up the heat. But one wrong move can torch the deal quickly. Present yourself as a partner who is committed to working with the customer to find the right vehicle for them.
  2. Ask questions
    The most effective salespeople—regardless of what they’re selling—take the time to understand their customers’ needs to offer the best experiences. Familiarize yourself with the perspectives of different generations and lifestyles (Get your Gen Z Guide now).

    Ask pointed questions that will shed some light, like:
    – Why are you looking for a vehicle?
    – What features do you like in your current vehicle?
    – What features are you interested in that your current vehicle lacks?
    – How will the vehicle be used most (road trips, city driving, hauling equipment, etc.)?
    – Who will be driving the vehicle most often? 
    – Do you have a monthly payment budget?   
  3. Follow up
    Building trust is key to selling. Slowly nurture the relationship to not only close a deal now but create a loyal customer for the long term. Once you have the potential customer’s contact information, follow up within a few days after their visit and/or test drive. Again, don’t be pushy when following up; ask if they have any remaining questions or concerns about the vehicle. 

    Pro car sales tip: Follow up after you’ve completed the car sale, too. The customer will need another car some time in the future and you want to provide stand-out service to stay top of mind when that time comes.
  4. Treat people with kindness
    Customers determine your success. Strive to remember names, make eye contact and be understanding of their concerns. As Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Make your customer feel important and heard.
  5. Don’t lead with price
    Sticker shock is real. The last thing you want to do is share the price of a car and scare them away before they even get a chance to learn more about its features or take a test drive. Start by explaining the car’s value and how it will work for the customer’s lifestyle and needs. Once they’ve shown interest, then share the price.
  6. Don’t bash competitors
    Talking badly about competing car dealerships is not only unprofessional but also creates negative energy in your own sales process. Even if a customer brings up another dealership, don’t take the bait. Instead, highlight why your business is the best choice.  
  7. Ask for help when you need it
    Sellers often feel like it’s “every man for himself,” but, in fact, sales is a team sport. You’ll need the help of management, service professionals, financing and others on your team to get a deal across the finish line. Your fellow car dealers probably also have some helpful practices to share.

Important selling skills to have as a car sales agent

Product knowledge

Of course, you’ve got to understand the ins and outs of the vehicles you’re trying to sell in order to relay the benefits and value. You should know special features, the technology used, the vehicle’s competitive advantage over other makes and models and more. With this extensive knowledge, you can easily tailor your conversations with customers based on what they are looking for and create a more personal experience. 


Communication doesn’t just mean knowing how to talk—it’s about adapting the way you talk to the customer. Adapt a more conversational approach to make customers feel comfortable and at ease with you as a car salesperson.


Part of communication is the ability to listen. Give customers your full attention; hear their thoughts and lead them in the right direction. By failing to listen, you ignore a customer’s needs—leaving a bad taste in their mouths that could prevent them from ever returning to your dealership.


Car shopping can be stressful and even unpleasant for some, especially if they’ve visited multiple dealerships in a day. It may seem silly, but there are a lot of emotions that go along with buying a vehicle. Perhaps your customer is buying their first car ever or looking for something larger and safer for a new baby or pet in their family. You can make all the difference by offering a painless—and even fun—experience.

Quick thinking

As a car sales agent, you only have so much control over the process. Objections are inevitable. Be prepared and armed with enough knowledge to handle customer hesitations and concerns. The more you know about the vehicles you’re selling and your competitive advantage, the more confidently you can respond to challenges.

Get the inventory your customers want

Selling strategies must evolve with the times if you want to connect with customers and close more deals. People want to be heard and have their needs met—exceed their expectations by framing yourself as a partner and advisor, rather than just a car salesperson. 

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