Montway’s Real-Time Car Shipping Calculator: Key Factors Used in Your Quote

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When you begin your search for an auto transporter, you’ll come across opportunities to receive free auto shipping quotes online. To get an accurate quote, you must be prepared with a variety of information about your vehicle and shipping preferences.  

Montway Auto Transport’s car shipping cost calculator — the first of its kind in the industry — helps vehicle owners plan for their shipment with real-time quotes based on historical data, current market trends and carrier availability in our extensive, nationwide network.

Montway’s auto shipping calculator

Our auto shipping cost calculator pulls information from our network of over 15,000 carriers to automatically generate the best price possible.

To get started, you’ll be prompted to enter the following information:

  • Pick-up and destination zip codes
  • Transport type (open or enclosed)
  • Vehicle year, make and model
  • Whether or not your vehicle runs and drives
  • First available date for shipment
  • Email address

How our car shipping cost calculator determines your quote

Using your information and shipment criteria, Montway’s cost calculator will provide an estimate for your auto transport. A number of general factors will impact price.

Time of year

Costs for shipping a vehicle fluctuate throughout the year to meet the demand of the season. Prices typically run higher in the summer, when more people are traveling and moving and run lower during the fall and winter months—except during the holiday season. 

Where you live

Along with the time of year, the locations you are shipping to and from can affect the cost of transport. With more people migrating to warmer states like Florida and Arizona when cold weather arrives, shipping to these states during the fall and winter months will contribute to a higher cost. 

Details of your vehicle

The size and weight of your car, as well as any exterior accessories (e.g., wheelchair systems, ramps), can also influence price. Specialty automobiles — like a luxury or collector car, RV or motorcycle — oversized vehicles or those affixed with heavy exterior accessories may require a certain type of trailer to accommodate the additional space or weight. 

Functionality of your vehicle

Just as your car’s design and features affect transport and therefore price, so too does whether  your car runs as normal. Vehicles are usually loaded or unloaded by being driven onto the trailer’s ramp. If a car doesn’t start and drive, this is obviously not possible. In this case, the vehicle will need to be pushed or pulled on with a winch, similar to a car being transported by a tow truck.

Your schedule

Some people are flexible in terms of when they need their vehicle picked up or delivered, while others need it quickly or before a particular date and time. 

Montway Auto Transport’s cost calculator is designed to give vehicle owners instant, accurate costs to make the transport experience as smooth as possible. If you need assistance or have any questions about Montway’s car shipping calculator and how we determine your quote, please contact one of our experienced logistics agents at (888) 666-8929.

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