Next generation driver safety technology…won’t let you drive!

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Next generation driver safety technology…won’t let you drive!

We all want the driving to become safer. This should mean the drivers to become more responsible and attentive on the road. Right? Well, the National Transportation Safety Board doesn’t think so. A better decision for them is to babysit the drivers as much as possible. If you check out the NTSB recently released “Most Wanted List,” you will verify this for yourself. Collision Avoidance and Eliminate Distraction are just two of the regulations they are pushing for the most.

What’s All The Fuss About?

One would say that there is nothing bad with that, it’s all about more safety on the road. Yes, safety first of course, but in the making driving safer case safety means invasion of freedom of driving. NTSB is mandating technology to make driving safer – technology that will make decisions instead of you.

Decide to drive like an idiot for a second and your car will hijack you! How about that?

The NTSB wants the government to “establish performance standards where still needed and mandate that these technologies be included as standard equipment in cars and commercial vehicles alike.” So, they urge the government to make vehicles – personal and commercial – more expensive and complex instead of pushing for more education and attention on the road. That is way beyond more air bags and safety belts.

This is About Technology That Controls How We Drive

Some of these systems are already available as options, in general in luxury vehicles. They cost extra and often thousands of dollars. A lot of people enjoy these extras because they make them feel pampered or they just know they need vehicle collision avoidance technology. If you know your limitations and can afford to get that type of technology loaded car then do it. But if you can’t afford it, what do you do then?

What would be less expensive? More education or more technology loaded cars?

The agency stays behind the statement that thousands of injuries could be prevented if more technology is implemented. Chairman Deborah Hersman said, “People are distracted. People are fatigued. People aren’t paying attention. Technology can really be an aid…” And the in the same time they removed fatigue from the “Most wanted” list although it has been on the list since 1990.

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Technology that will enable you to drive like a moron

They recommend driver assisting systems like adaptive cruise control, collision warning systems, lane departure warnings and automatic braking. Moreover, the agency wants to totally eliminate distracted driving and they are pushing for technology that will completely disable cell phones and other devices while in the car. It’s aimed at distracted driving, but how would  you feel when a friend or relative calls you with an emergency and they can’t reach you? And how about commercial vehicle drivers? They need to be in touch with dispatchers and clients all the time.

With all the safety technology, driving will start feeling more like being on the train… and distracted driving won’t be an issue anymore simple because it won’t be driving anymore. So, go ahead and text while driving!

You Can Even Shave While Driving!

The NTSB does not have the authority to enact such transportation policy, but they have already taken “aggressive actions to address a number of issues.” Where do you see the issue here? D you want a tech loaded car that thinks instead of you? Please, share your opinion and ask your friends and family too. We would love to hear it!

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