Pros and Cons of Traveling by Train

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In the busy cities, there is always traffic jams that can make you go to work late. Have you left for work on time only to arrive very late because of traffic jam? This has happened to many people who are commuting through car. To avoid such ugly experience, many people are commuting through train. Commuter trains do not share the same route with vehicles. They move on their rails. The rails are never congested. Once a commuter train takes off, nothing will disrupt the movement until it gets to its destination.

Health Benefits

Research carried out from March through August 2005 in Brooklyn Polytechnic University showed that train commuters do more walking than people who commute with cars. This is probably because the commuter trains can only stop at designated places. From there the people can walk down to their offices or homes. This can serve as a means of exercise. Indeed, many people do not have time to exercise themselves because their life is just a streamline movement – from their homes to their office. Early in the morning they will drive to work and come back in the evening. But commuting through trains offers people the opportunity to walk a little bit. The research shows that greater percentage of car commuters suffer from stress and bad moods.

Environmental Benefits

Commuting with train is also very beneficial to the environment. Though train emits carbon dioxide to the atmosphere but the number of commuter trains is not many as the number of cars on the roads today. This explains why many people are suggesting commuter trains as the best alternative to car transport. So, you can join hand in saving the atmosphere by commuting with train.

Fewer Accidents

Accidents do not occur in railways as they occur on the roads. This is why transportation by train has remained the safest.

There are also some disadvantages of commuting through train:


In big cities with huge population, commuter trains are always congested. There are some commuter trains that allow passengers to stand up. In such commuter train, people do not normally have space even to move their bodies. This is not good for people who are suffering from respiratory problems like asthma. Besides, it can lead to the spread of diseases.

Poor Air Condition

Most commuter trains today do not have air conditioners. With the huge number of people on board, the train is always stuffy, hot and malodorous.

Not Suitable for Children

Commuter trains are suitable for children due to congestion. Children normally need space. Commuter train cannot offer them such. However, in recent time there are many commuter trains that offer maximum comfort to the passengers. Such trains are constructed with the latest technology. There are comfort rooms and comfortable seats. But such trains are more expensive than usual ones.


On the part of government, it is cheaper to maintain railways than to maintain roads. Railways are not as many as roads and they are highly durable. Once it has been constructed, it will not cost much to be maintained.

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