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The technological world used to be a very simple landscape to understand.

On one side, there were companies that were considered tech companies that developed technology solutions for businesses.  On the other side, were businesses of every sort that depended on those solutions to help them better run their operations and offer tools to their customers to enhance and simplify their experience in working with them.

Then, something changed … leading businesses realized that while it was convenient and less expensive to use “out of the box” solutions created by tech companies, they were not specifically designed for the challenges and needs of their respective industries and customers.   In order to address the specific needs of their customers, solve problems and soothe pain points associated with conducting business in their industries, they looked to the people who best understood these challenges … themselves.

The same holds true about us here at Montway

Most people don’t think of the auto transport industry as having a need to be technologically advanced.  After all we simply send a truck to pick up someone’s vehicle and then drive to a destination and deliver the vehicle. There is not a lot of technology assistance needed for that.  The thing we realized is that our business is so much more then that.  While the premise of simply picking up a car and delivering it is true at face value, it’s the very delicate and complicated organization of all the moving parts that go into that pick up and delivery and seamless communications with customers that needed to be improved.

This realization lead us to a simple conclusion.  Someone needed to fix it … why not us?

Montway is unique to our industry as we employ a full development team on staff.  This development team is responsible for making sure that through technology, our customers have the easiest and best experience possible when working with us.  The work and innovation of this team is one of the driving forces that make us one of the largest and best-reviewed auto transport companies in the US.

They have directly been responsible for helping to create technologies that service our customers through our unique car shipping rate calculator found on our website and also integrated within vehicle detail pages of some of the top auto consumer websites (such as buyers tools and listings just to name a few), our customers can receive instant customized quotes online.

Their most recent creation, an industry first, “Miles Ahead” auto transportation portal is designed to service our enterprise partners. Our portal is integrated directly with the leading van line/relocation companies throughout the US who count on us to service their customers auto transport needs.

No matter what industry you are in, the need to use “out of the box” software such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, etc. will always be there.  But so too will the need for companies to take technology needs of their customers into their own hands and create custom solutions to address those needs.

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