The Benefits and Pitfalls of Train Travel

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The Benefits and Pitfalls of Train Travel

There are many reasons to travel via train. For all the advantages of train travel, there are disadvantages as well. We will look at a few of each and you can decide if train travel is right for you.


There are very few cases of train accidents thus safer. On the roads, accidents occur daily all around the world leading to serious injuries and even loss of life daily.


Trains are more fun than cars. One gets a better view of the beautiful nature out there.


Most of the trains are designed to provide maximum comfort for the passengers being ferried. Though some commuter trains are congested, there are those that observe comfort more especially the long distance ones. The seats are very spacious such that you can lay back and convert your seat to almost a bed and take a nap.

On the trains you can even eat as most have dining tables. They also come with toilets thus one has the advantage to visit the toilet without requesting for many stopovers like in the case of cars. This is very convenient for passengers.


Traveling via trains means that you will most likely take more walks going to the train station from your home. This is good daily exercise even if you forget to note it. Those who own cars tend to walk less. Even if it via buses the bus stations are always closer than railway stations in many regions. Hence a person using railway transport will exercise more thus healthier.

Faster Travel

Modern trains are designed to provide better speeds. The high speed electric trains are far faster than the best cars. This ensures that you will get to your destination as quickest as possible.


The pitfalls of commuting via commuter trains are such as:


Commuter trains are usually in high demand thus many people get onboard. This leads to lack of comfort. In some situations people stand in commuter trains. Pick pockets can really make a lot in such situations. On the health side, airborne diseases can be highly spread in the commuter trains due to the congestion. The congestion also leads to poor air conditioning thus people with asthma would highly be affected.


Most parts of the world do not have widespread train services thus may not be very reliable in such areas.

Slow Commute

The old model trains are still in use in many regions across the world. Such trains travel very lowly thus not suitable for commuting.

Difficulties Purchasing Tickets

During rush hours there are many people who need the train services. This leads to long queues in booking tickets and this leads to many delays.


Many trains are noisy as it is a metal rolling on a metal and the engines too emit lots of noise. But the modern electric trains are more improved and they don’t produce such loud noise.

All in all, the pros of commuting via trains outweigh the cons. This makes commuting via trains a very efficient means of travelling. Where you can access a commuter train with ease such that the station is close to you make use of it.